Weird Science: Arguments Continue Over Who Is At Fault for Climate Changes

Bkgrd_ChimpTypingPeople are forgetting what was revealed in Climategate, 2009. Why do people gravitate toward the elite whose sole desire/purpose in life is to control others?

To provide an example that freedom can be lost no matter which traditional political entity is in charge, take a trip into cyberspace and visit Real Science and Steven Goddard. A parody website is also out there who frets over the fact that Mr. Goddard seems to be a mystery man, yet his name pops up when it comes to discussion of “climate change” formerly called “global warming” by the progressives.

I am a follower of his blog and the gist of his blog concerns climate change, his blog motto:

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts. [Richard Feynman]

As stated, Real Science has a nemesis – Really Science, who insists that someone needs credentials to see that climate irregularities is just part of a natural cycle of earth and warming is not global [at one time], et cetera. Indeed, a commentator whose handle is Mario, wrote:

Lazarus: The idea that one needs credentials to tell the truth or understand what’s going on is just silly. The presumption is that climatologists all agree and cannot be wrong because they are, climatologists. This is what politicians do when they cannot convince people to see their way. They attempt to disqualify. I am not a climatologist, but I can tell you with near certainty that the sun will show itself tomorrow, maybe behind some clouds, maybe not. …

I like the section where the 197os [1980s] Ice Age scare took place. Personally, if there was a choice, I would take the global warming effect over an Ice Age. Food cannot be grown when the terrain looks like the Arctic Tundra. Also check out Goddard’s Bottom Line. But there is more to this blog than talking about the squabble over something humans cannot change – the weather/climate … Like Comet Elenin.

Button_Monk-reading_animatedRather than admit that their theories were based upon one person’s incorrect computer model and that they are being funded/controlled by globalists, junk scientists march on using their perceived authority and tools of fear to put the people into submission. Knowledge is power and the power is kept to the elite by keeping the populace in ignorance. Nothing new, the Church did it in the medieval age – which is why it is called the “Dark Age” where superstition and fear supersedes common sense and true science. A theory remains a theory until facts prove it otherwise. How long have we believed that crude oil, called fossil fuel, was created by dead dinosaurs, forests, and “tiny sea creatures”? It was a theory proven by consensus, not scientific evidence/fact. The same goes for the footprint of humanity creating disastrous effects of violent weather and climate changes. The Sahara Desert was once a green forest. Did humans cause it to change? The Antarctic was once forested and teeming with wildlife – did humans change that? The globalists are no different than how the church’s power was abused in the age called medieval.

Carbon dioxide is a cooling gas in certain amounts of concentrations. Carbon dioxide is what plant life requires, and in return, provides oxygen, a life-promoting gas that makes this planet thrive. Junk scientists are trying to convince people that CO2 is higher in concentration than when dinosaurs walked the Earth among plants that would dwarf those today – and even then the world changed in cycles with weather, geological activities [volcanoes], and creation of the Antarctica and Sahara Desert, as examples of extremes.

If indeed climate is changing in regions of the world, instead of spending vast amounts of money on junk science, we should be preparing – just in case – to survive through adaptation. Darwin’s  law of nature and evolution is that those that do not adapt, do not survive. It is time to laugh the junk scientists off the stage and reduce the power of the globalists who use these types of tools for one major purpose – control of the populace and eventually a “New World Order” where the elite are sanctioned the benefits while the general populace become nothing more than physical and mental slaves to their lust for power.

The wonderful thing about science, as seems to be the anomaly of the Universe is that for every question answered, more questions emerge – a never-ending progress of learning and obtaining knowledge.