Michelle Obama: White House Like “a Really Nice Prison”

Michelle Obama was interviewed/moderated by Cokie Roberts as former First Lady Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, the latter describing the White House as a really nice prison.

Yep, REAL nice. Wearing expensive clothing, a regular party goer, and whose favorite meal at the White House is Wagyu beef at $100 a pound. While traveling, she spends her time in hotels, like in Dublin at $4,000 per night and gets to take $100 million African getaways while her husband pretends to be a president. In the summer she spends time at Martha’s Vineyard, the presidential hangout in one of the “prison cells” there. Obviously, trying to smooth over her spontaneous remark, she went on to say how she valued her role as first lady, even describing as being “emancipating”, but restrictive in some ways.

Gee, wish I could be so “restrictive” – butlers, personnel assistants, flying in Chris Sommers to make a Chicago pizza, six-to-eight vacations per year, glitterati parties wearing $6,000 gowns, photographed by a Vogue photographer, handing out Academy Awards and entertaining Paul McCartney. Life must be miserable for her. There are some prison-like elements to it, Michelle said, but it’s a really nice prison.

Meanwhile, more people are on food stamp rationing in the history of the welfare program [Obama government is ran ads to get more people on food stamps, wasting more taxpayer dollars], employers are trying to figure out how they can afford Obamacare, and the US gets deeper in debt.

Cokie Roberts stated that Martha Washington, the first First Lady, also described living in the role as akin to being a state prisoner. I sure would like to know where she got that information, out of curiosity and the fact I do not trust Cooky Roberts.

JUST IN: related to a previous article about the George Zimmerman trial: CNN Broadcasts Zimmerman Social Security Number. Also, a report mentions about Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr tweeting Zimmerman’s address. I wonder how they would feel if someone did that to them.