Trial of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

The trial of George Zimmerman is not going according to the racial lynch mob and the prosecution.

Mr. Zimmerman’s testimony remains consistent, as Fox News story unfolds that includes a video of Zimmerman and his recorded testimony. It could have been a clear-cut self-defense, and even the arresting law enforcement officer wanted to only charge him with manslaughter, but the prosecutor would have nothing but murder based on a “race hate” incident.

Remember, the mainstream media instantly put the story into an incident where a “white” person was stalking a “black” person and killed him in cold blood. Suddenly the story changed when Zimmerman was found to be Hispanic [his father was Caucasian, mother Hispanic]. Despite Zimmerman having the right to defend himself, not just by Second Amendment law, but by the laws of Florida – the racial lynch mob organizations and media will have none of it. All because they are anti-firearm zealots.

It is the same media reporting that painted Paula Deen a racist, and falsely stating she had used the “N” word during an interview or in cyberspace the rumor floated around she said the “N” word on Food Network TV.

The racial lynch mob is out to find racism even if it is not there, and only on one side of the racial divide. For example, Trayvon Martin calling Zimmerman a “Cracker”.

Trayvon Martin

The media immediately painted Trayvon Martin the victim, a model of good youth; but as time went by it revealed he had been in trouble at school over drugs and burglary as well as juvenile arrest; although Zimmerman’s record is not squeaky clean. Martin was under school suspension at the time of his death. It was ignored that Zimmerman had grass stains on his shirt, as well as lacerations on his head and face revealing he had been beaten. No such marks, other than gunshot wounds were on Martin’s body. In addition, the prosecution insists that Martin was innocent because he told his parents he was going to the store to get Skittles and a soda. How many times has a teenager told their parents they were going one place, but in reality off to do something else that would not be approved? Weak on prosecution case in that respect. Even the commentators in the video bring that up, but totally ignore the juvenile police record and the fact that he was under suspension at school and in trouble with the school before that event.

As the video shows, Zimmerman still insists that he did not reach for his gun until Martin started reaching toward where his firearm was in a holster and saying “You’re going to die tonight”.

And here is an interesting segment:

Serino testified Monday that at first he did not believe Zimmerman’s story, but when he told Zimmerman the fatal, February 2012 encounter may have been caught on video, Zimmerman’s response of “Thank God” changed his mind …

Serino is the Sanford Police Detective, Christopher Serino, who initially charged Zimmerman with manslaughter, which the prosecution changed to Second-Degree Murder. BTW: Originally depicted by media and official sources, the “cries for help” were thought to be coming from Martin, but has been established it indeed came from Zimmerman.

Zimmerman may have been armed, but all evidence points to the fact that he was reluctant to use it, not what the prosecution is unsuccessfully painting as the picture. The prosecution’s key witness against Zimmerman is a person who allegedly was talking on cell phone with Martin, but it is filled with multiple inconsistencies. And …

There was also conflicting testimony from neighbors that witnessed parts of the struggle between Martin and Zimmerman. [But none of them assisted or called 911?] Some said it appeared the larger Zimmerman was straddling Martin, but neighbor Jonathan Good said it appeared Martin was on top.

This trial should be giving Zimmerman the benefit of doubt, because the prosecution case is weak at best.

Click HERE for full coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, and see what your decision would be if you were sitting on the jury. Also, when viewing the Fox video, notice the ethnic mix of the jury.

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