George Zimmerman Trial Update – July 3rd 2013

The prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial is reaching for straws as it hopes through school records and applications that he was a wannabe cop who became increasingly frustrated by incidents of crime in his gated community. The prosecution maintains that when Zimmerman saw Martin he profiled the teenager and followed him, which led to a confrontation and ended up with Martin being shot to death. The prosecution, after obtaining permission to obtain and submit school records of Zimmerman, also stated that part of the course curriculum included how to be a good witness.


Scouring the information of the case, I have not seen anything brought up whether Trayvon Martin was a resident of the gated community. If not, why was he there, and did he pass the security gate to be allowed entry? Remember, Martin, which the defense provided, had been in trouble for stealing and burglary, being caught with burglary tools and stolen jewelry – not the good boy the media [right off the bat] portrayed Martin as being. The media and the local prosecutor insisted that Zimmerman was guilty as soon as the arrest was made. Worse, because of the media, idiots like famous people mentioned in previous article had condemned him to guilt without a trial and people published Zimmerman’s home address for racial vigilante lynch mobs to take action. Where is this any different from the despicable acts of the racist history of the KKK, who lynched African Americans in vigilante fashion?

LA Times provides a graphic depicting who’s who in the Trayvon Martin case.

Defense attorney, Mark O’Mara referred to the prosecution’s efforts to introduce the school documents as a witch hunt.

Indeed, it has been this way since the beginning, and one wonders what would have happened if the incident was reversed where Zimmerman was killed.

Last month in June, Huffington Post reported that Martin’s family lawyer stated that the defense was fabricating evidence. When in fact, during an interview, O’Mara, defense lawyer, had mistakenly added evidence without first being officially submitted by the judge. He then apologized. As he stated:

What they’re doing [media and prosecution] is trying to make more out of it because they have, for the past year, put Trayvon Martin upon on a pedestal where he shouldn’t have been, because he’s a regular 17-year-old kid and they knew all this information about him.

One wonders about the media not so zealous about 500 murders in Chicago [2012], mostly gang, crime organization, and drug related that involves youthful members of the African-American communities in Chicago and its suburbs. That number dropped in homicides and shootings in the first six months of 2013. There were 843 shootings in the first six months of 2013, down 25 percent from 1,117 shootings in the same period last year. The Chicago Police Department also announced that Chicago officers seized more than 3,500 illegal guns so far this year.

This is just Chicago, the worst homicide and shooting rates occur in cities of states that keep their lawful citizens from their Second Amendment rights – like California, Illinois, and New York – and now, it appears, Connecticut. I do not have those statistics at this posting.

The prosecution is also making it a big deal that Zimmerman had a full magazine and a round in the chamber. Hello? What good is a firearm for defense if a round must be chambered [in semi-autos] or if a revolver is not loaded? Is the person in defense posture going to have time to load a firearm and/or put a round in the chamber? Reality check here.

The firearms analyst, Amy Siewert, Florida Department of Law Enforcement:

On cross-examination, she agreed that the gun was safe to carry fully loaded and that it wouldn’t fire unless the trigger is pulled. It is not unusual for someone to carry this type of gun fully loaded, she said.

Yes, indeed, police officers do for the same reason I mentioned previously.