Independence Day: A New Declaration – July 4th 2013

Independence_DayIn 1776, the founders signed the Declaration of Independence was voted upon by the thirteen colonies-turned-state with 56 signatures, that took bravery for those 56 men could have been hanged by British authorities for treason. They put their life and property into jeopardy in order to be free from tyranny. In the late 1930s through 1945, the United States and Great Britain [today the United Kingdom] became allies against the axis tyrant powers that threatened the globe; which cemented a lasting relationship that could be torn asunder by another global threat today – Islamic Theocratic Fundamentalism spearheaded by the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated terrorist organization cells that began its subversion in Europe and now has a foothold in the United States. While these subversive organizations are protected in the name of tolerance, they practice a religious doctrine of intolerance, murder, and mayhem.

Recently two powerful organizations within our government have been discovered to be using unconstitutional practices and against its own people: NSA and IRA. Our military is being prepared and are being trained to fight against its own people, ordering enough ammunition to last many decades on the basis of how much ammunition was used in Afghanistan and Iraq. It has ordered armored vehicles, not to be used against enemies of the United States, but against its own people, and ordered assault rifles that US legislators tried to ban recently from civilian use to be used by various departments of the federal government, mainly “Homeland Security” – an entity that is supposed to protect its citizens, not suppress them.

Sarah Palin Stands for Liberty

Sarah Palin Stands for Liberty

NSA, through its clandestine operation has spied on Americans via email, cell phone transmissions [voice and text], land-line phones, Microsoft Windows from Version 95 to Windows 8; Microsoft applications that include Hotmail, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype [PRISM & Project Chess], AOL, Apple, smart meters forced installation by local electric companies according to “law”, cable TV tuners, Global Positioning System [GPS], cameras and their images, including drones, personal records, health records, tax records and who knows what else. The whistle-blower [Snowden] of these allegations is now seeking refuge in Russia, of all places. There is still a question whether he is a hero of the people or a spy for China and/or Russia. No wonder people are paranoid about cameras installed on all computer monitors, notebook and desktops – who knows if they are not only monitoring what we do on the computer but video taped as well.

George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act, so named so legislators would be reluctant to oppose it. Obama’s campaign theme [part of it] was against it. Today, Obama and company have not only embraced its unconstitutional articles, but have expanded intrusiveness and unconstitutional acts greatly.

The media, which too often is a tool for big government instead of the eyes and ears of the people are targets as well, like Sharyl Attkisson, her computer hacked. Political powers have commandeered our election system with the help of corporate mainstream media and insist that voters not have to show identification but government’s Department of Justice demands proof of identity for everything, especially firearm purchases.

Tea Party and other constitutionalist movements are deemed radicals and enemies of the state and a political divide/conflict exists between conservatives and liberal-progressives.

thThis Independence Day should mark the beginning of a movement of awakened American citizens [legal] to declare independence from big government, a system of people from among us who have put themselves on pedestals and pushes for a feudal system from the pages of history. Through indoctrination and election fraud, those individuals and political entities have declared a clandestine war against anyone who insists upon a government to limit its powers according to the articles of the US Constitution and look upon our government as it was founded: a constitutional republic, not some form of democracy or American-style socialist-welfare state. They have dissolved the check-and-balance system by upgrading the powers of the executive office and put in place justices and judges in the legal system who insist that the Constitution is “old school” and should be replaced; yet the legislators do not pass any amendment to change it because it is easier to ignore constitutional law, circumvent it, or pass legislation with confusing terminology and pages so long that senators and representatives do not want to bother reading it and slip things in at the last moment hoping no one will notice. The legislator pushes bills through as quickly as possible for the same reasons. Those members of Congress that we elect [or get elected through fraud] know that the citizen of the United States [and illegal non-citizens] will go along with their status quo because they are either indoctrinated or believe that politics is “boring”; all the while not realizing that Congress is legislating their freedom and liberties away, the executive office is generating executive orders, and the justices in the US Supreme Court are legislating from the bench, rewriting through “interpretation” constitutional law.

There are so many transgressions perpetuated by big government now that it will take one or two decades to fix in a true reformation attempt.

Right here in the state of Wisconsin, the city of Madison, the capital of this state have/are protesting violations of the 4th and other amendments as depicted in the following video:

What are you doing to save our republic?

Our nation is no longer “great” – but it can be …

Only YOU multiplied by WE – the People can make the difference.

Our nation began with 56 brave men. Can we not reform and work together to make the United States a great nation once again?

When you display and fly the flag of the United States remember that it is a symbol of the People, not the government; for the government was designed and meant to be For and By the People. This is OUR land [not Mexico’s – or Islamic Sharia Theocracy] and it is OUR government. If those in government do not abide by their oaths of office and protect, defend the Constitution, then they can find some other occupation. We the People, over 65 million [not counting fraudulent votes] put this regime into power and the regime before it; therefore it is up to US to correct our attitudes and hold that these truths are self-evident – government can only be By the People and a constitutional republic in order to sustain freedom and liberty, as well as remain a nation without tyranny and oppression.

Happy 4th of July, fellow Americans, and please consider what I wrote and what others wrote and are writing to seek Truth in a Sea of Misinformation and put the United States back on the course it was set at in 1776. That means ALL Americans, whatever shades of skin pigmentation, whatever be their occupation, ancestry, or religious/non-religious beliefs. That is what unity is all about – equality, not one group with power over another; united as individuals who accept responsibilities of freedom of choice.

God save America.