Is Rush Limbaugh Finally Awakening with Other Americans?

july-4th_animatedI write about Americans awakening to see that the problem with OUR government is not just one political party/entity and our duty to let other Americans see for themselves what is truly happening.

Rush Limbaugh in the past constantly was on the prowl against Democrat Party member wrongdoing, and rightly so; however, he did not address the problems with GW Bush and GOP members on Capitol Hill. Well, maybe Limbaugh is one that has awakened in his latest commentary.

Greg Richter freelance writer at NewsMax wrote on July 3rd:

The Republican Party made a huge mistake not embracing the tea party in 2010, and it cost them in 2012, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday. But Limbaugh predicts another huge tea party turnout in the 2014 midterm elections. The reason: There’s no single candidate on the ballot to take them sit home – and the things that angered them in 2010 have gotten worse.

Tea Party PatriotsAs Richter points out, the Tea Party organization was an ally to the Republican Party because of its political platform, which they ignored and have ignored, and the party who, with Newt Gingrich at the head, made a Contract with America, that too many Republicans ignored. When they had the majority, they did not strive for reformation, but instead chose to not rock the boat of status quo and chose to compromise when they should have stood solid for the return of constitutional government that began to be lost when Woodrow Wilson [a Republican] was president. All the while, the people fooled themselves, and were fooled by the political elite of both parties, that the matter of good politics lied in the choice of which traditional party, of a two-party system, they must be loyal to. The fooled themselves because political parties are only organizations that are beneficial for raising campaign money; but the real foundation of good government, the type of government created by the Founders, lies in the articles and amendments of the US Constitution, the wise words of the Declaration of Independence, and the points of discussion in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers – of which too many Americans today have not a clue about much of any of those.

The one thing that both traditional parties have in common: they will do anything to prevent independents and third-party members from getting any say in Congress or achieve the office of the President of the United States. They even threw one of their own under the bus – Ron Paul. This was quite evident in the primaries of 2012 and GOP establishment [gleefully the mainstream media, for once, backed the GOP on this issue] likely ensured that the will of the people, state to state, were not in favor of Ron Paul.

The GOP elite establishment threw Tea Party folks as well as one of their members, Ron Paul, under the proverbial bus; just like the Democrat Party does when their corrupt and unethical actions are found out and what they have done to their own. The Democrat Party, especially since the 1930s and bringing the socialist union movement within their political fold, have steadily been corrupt; but the Republican Party cannot claim any innocence among the records of its members.

It is no wonder that Ron Paul openly stated that the GOP primary election was a fraud – thus making them just as guilty of election fraud as Democrats commonly do in every election at all levels.

The elite establishment of any political organization must ensure that its members adhere to the party platform and if they do not, they must be extracted. The gist of any American party platform must always be founded upon the US Constitution. If it is not, then they are a major part of the problem.

Ron Paul should have been commended just for standing up against the establishment of his own party!

Tea Party_01The Democrats continually claim that the US Constitution is outdated, yet speaks about constitutionalism. They complain about the Constitution and at the same time invoke it from the first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights; more often than not reading into or interpreting it to meet their political platform and agenda. They paint organizations like the Tea Party as radicals and racists, while hypocritically keep the status quo. In a lesser respect, the GOP are also to blame, primarily for not standing upon principles, but choosing the easy path of compromising something that should NEVER be compromised. Indeed, it is because the Constitution has been ignored or circumvented by those We the People who have been entrusted to operate OUR government that has escalated the problems we have, both domestically and concerning foreign policies. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

We the People are guilty as well – we have consistently voted for the same type of politicians, not constitutionalists, over and over and expect the constitutional republic to remain and its problems resolved. Are they not suspicious when an elected official claims that the People must lose some rights in order to be secure and safeguarded against themselves?

Tea Party_04I believe that the Tea Party organization should remain outside ANY political party, but instead look for [demand] and support any elected official or candidate seeking election who will be a constitutionalist above all else. People should vote for individuals, not political entities – for it is the individual that is ultimately responsible for actions in any elected office. And any elected official does not have the right to use taxpayer funding for their retirement programs or anything else that personally provides substance above and beyond the salaries they make and the “perks” allowed. Congress produced a law that prohibits any person to hold the office of the President of the United States for more than two terms, yet they remain in Congress for decades – doing the same thing, the same status quo, and expecting improvement or different results. Too many do not even know or understand the articles and amendments of the Constitution and people elect individuals who make remarks that a bill must be passed and then discover what is in it [Nancy Pelosi] – she had inadvertently described the actual procedures that Congress acts upon.

Too many bills are too long, filled with too many unneeded words and descriptions – far more complicated than most of the Constitution. The only complicated part of the Constitution is the part that has to do with the Electoral College. Many of us do not fully understand why the Founders created the process or understands how it works, much to the delight of the political machines; abused as was seen in the primary and national election of 2012.

Limbaugh said to the Republicans:

You could welcome them into the fold. You could build a movement around them.

They had that chance in 2004, 2008 and 2012, but the GOP establishment preferred backing poster boys like GW Bush and Mitt Romney. Someone who does not care about the status quo, indeed someone who fights against it. Someone who not only believes in constitutional law and its adherence, but stands solid in that respect. Someone who for decades preached to an aloof Congress for decades, but never changed principles established in 1984 – Ron Paul.

Democrats claim to be anti-war and call out the GOP as warmongers, but it was the Democrats who initiated and maintained US involvement in Vietnam, continue the war in Afghanistan despite proclaiming against it during election campaigns, and now threaten to involve the United States to enter the fray in the Middle East.

independence_day_2011_31Republicans have a foreign policy that interferes with other governments, contrary to the practice and warnings of the first president and early presidents who prevented getting involved with any conflict that did not directly involve the United States. Thus, Thomas Jefferson ordered naval ships to finally rid the seas of the Barbary Pirates and let the nation(s) that had been backing them that the United States was not being held ransom anymore just for the privilege of sea commerce. Americans were sent in harm’s way to fight for someone else. We did not directly get involved in European matters in the late 1930s, early 1940s, until we were physically attacked. Rightly, we aided England [United Kingdom] in supplies and whatever we could send without getting directly involved during the London Blitz period when Nazi Germany was on the move to conquer Europe. Former “ally”, Joseph Stalin, became a major threat as he secretly held Americans citizens and troops in the final days of WW2 – they “freed” from Nazi prison camps for their own information and chess pawn reasons; while dividing Germany and forcing other European states to become satellites of the Soviet communist empire. It is why the US got involved in the Korean War, which ended in a cease-fire that lasted longer than any other in history. As a side note: the Russian people must have short memories like Americans, because Huffington Post reports that Stalin is more popular in Russia now than at the end of the Soviet Union.

Our government constantly interferes outside of diplomacy and trade agreements while things run a muck on the domestic scene. Those we elect to operate our government send troops in harm’s way to fight against Islamic fascism, but turn a blind eye to the subversion going on here in the United States.

Second-American-Revolution_flagInstead of working with the citizens in the vein of the Second Amendment where every lawful citizen may [if they choose] keep and bear arms as a standby militia to protect the sovereignty and the Constitution – and assist a constitutional government against foreign and domestic enemies. Actions speak louder than words when OUR government purchases practice targets that depict a pregnant woman and a child holding a firearm, orders enough ammunition [DHS] to wage a war for at least one decade, increases its stockpile of firearms that Congressional members have tried to ban and prevent citizens to keep and bear. To add to the worry/concern [deemed paranoia by indoctrinated progressives], DHS ordered armored vehicles, not to send to Afghanistan, but to train troops and members of the DHS against its own citizens – and then denies what all of that is meant for. The commander-in-chief initiated a questionnaire to troops asking if they would fire upon and, if necessary, kill fellow citizens. Citizens do not view their government as tyrants until they start acting like tyrants. Why does the office of Social Security require being armed and trained with firearms? Any government that looks upon the people, who support the government via taxation and elections, as enemies, should be looked upon with distrust and suspicion – that is NOT paranoia. Who perpetuates such misinformation and untruthful claims? Tea Party is racist? I think members [like Lloyd Marcus] would have a thing to say about that. The Tea Party movement is against Obama not because of his race, but policies; people do not know it, but the Tea Party was against GW Bush policies as well – in fact, that was when it formed in order to bring back constitutionalism. Both Democrats and Republicans have refused to rid Americans of the income tax system and the dreaded IRS. Obama has increased the power of that agency by putting it in charge the verification system of Obamacare – penalizing Americans or rather their employees for not having insurance instead of figuring out ways to encourage the health system and insurance companies to make it more affordable. If a national system was to be installed, why not like Canada with a national healthcare entity where a family of four [two adults and two children] pay less than $200 per month for healthcare – and pays 100%, not the 80% that high premium US insurance companies pay. Note: 100% does not include private hospital rooms or telephones in rooms, which the patient must pay for. Part of the reason for expensive health care costs is because of malpractice litigation. However, it is understandable when there are more patients that die of malpractice conditions and circumstances than those killed by firearms in the United States. Politicians and special interest groups are feverishly trying to take firearms away from lawful citizens, wrongly thinking this will reduce and/or end violence in the United States.

This government, not created by the Founders, but by the People, who have allowed politicians to slowly gain unconstitutional powers over the decades, views the People as enemies of the state – as proven in uncovering the PRISM affair, the NAS various citizen spying programs [not just alleged terrorist activities]. Reportedly this has been going on since the Clinton administration in the 1990s and the present level of spying since 2002, and The Blaze shows a timeline in the history of the NSA.

Culture of CorruptionThis government, not a constitutional republic, has allowed an intrusive, inefficient, and unfair tax system to continue because they have seen the usefulness of the IRS that is in charge of it. Taxation, as prescribed by the Founders, is for collecting funds required to operate OUR government, and I am sure most citizens would agree on that. However, this government, not the one created by the Founders, has found that taxation can be used as a tool by overtaxing those who do not follow their guidelines of what citizens can do or cannot do, what they eat, what they use, et cetera. The method in political science is called social engineering. Obamacare is the granddaddy of all social engineering projects, more so than social security and medicare.

A justice of the US Supreme Court on a foreign TV interview [Egypt] denounced the US Constitution and made a recommendation of democratic seeking nations to not adopt it.

Did Justice Ginsberg undergo impeachment for her ideology that is against her oath of office? Never forced to retire.

What about the case of Sotomayor being approved to be a justice whose affiliation of La Raza and her record of legislating from the bench and clearly an entity of government with no checks on power.

The Senate still confirmed Sotomayor as a justice of the US Supreme Court.

People invade the United States and use the excuse that they are just taking back what “rightfully” belongs to them as they disobey our immigration laws, form subversive organizations, help the drug cartel increase its foothold in US, and demands they be provided welfare they did not earn or pay for. Meanwhile, the government who created sensible and the most fair immigration regulations in the world, do not enforce the law, a major factor of the problem, and their idea of fixing it is amnesty for about 12 million uninvited invaders who have been here so long they have children attending universities. They demand rights they did not deserve and that legal immigrants worked so hard to achieve.

The described problems thus far point out that our nation is heading for internal destruction not because the Constitution is outdated [if it was why was no feasible amendment to “fix” it presented?], but because the Constitution interferes with political entity and individual quests for government power – far beyond the limitations prescribed in the US Constitution.

National DebtIf you want to make a difference, if you want to see our nation to begin its long course back to a constitutional republic, once again a great and prosperous nation – these issues must be addressed and solved by competent people we elect. So in 2014, ensure that constitutionalists are elected to Congress, so true reform can begin its long climb to free the people of the chains of big government. At the same time, we must educate ourselves and have reasonable discussion with fellow citizens to do the same – and see that the Constitution must be the foundation of everything our government acts upon and that every bill proposed meets constitutional scrutiny.

Use the power of the people wisely, and always keep a watchful eye on government – be it federal, state, or local level.

The Republic can only be saved by You and I.

Ron Paul was not elected, he did not make his way against odds in the GOP primaries – but he continues to fight for the constitutional republic and his love for country and fellow Americans – with hopes for a better future.

Happy Independence Day and let this be the mark of the returning point of our constitutional republic while We the People still have enough power to make a difference.

Save the Republic


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    Greg Richter’s thesis is correct, but, alas, his facts are flawed ( U.S. in WW I) and his writing skills are way beneath Keith Lehman’s!

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  2. Thanks, Jerry, kind of you to think so.

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