Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction

When Marco Rubio campaigned for a seat in the US Senate, he promised he was against amnesty. He never kept that promise. He also stated that ObamaCare should be repealed, the people are still awaiting the bill to be entered that begins that. Senators like him is the reason why we have dysfunctional and anti-constitutional justices in the US Supreme Court – because it is the Senate that confirms their appointments. Apparently there isn’t any real guideline or litmus test for choosing justices and judges. He lost support of Hannity and Beck, and people who interviewed his father described his long road to becoming a legal American and his successful attempt to get away from Castro’s power. It was a way to show that Americans welcome legal immigrants, because most citizens’ ancestry came here from somewhere else; and those that did not are the First Americans. Bill Whittle – discusses the wrongful allegations against the Tea Party movement ….

Rubio has disappointed and angered his constituents, and sold out the Tea Party movement in the back, as the GOP elite did in 2012 for the usual reason: compromising the Constitution instead of taking the harder road of protecting it and congressional laws. It has been decades since a President of the United States earnestly enforced immigration laws, while Border Patrol agents put themselves in danger to protect our borders against invaders that the executive branch encourages. Mr. Virtual President

Those that break our immigration laws have become so numerous and bold that they demonstrate openly in the streets [not arrested an deported] – from organizations that claim they have a right to be here because the United States stole their real estate.

The illegal immigration issue is not about whiners who complain that people are mean who insist that people not cross our borders without invitation and proper [legal] documentation. It is not about the college student who came here illegally and then cries out it is “unfair” that he be sent back with his parents from whence they came because they are not citizens, and therefore have no right to go to college at the expense of taxpaying citizens. This is about invaders, people who break laws to come here uninvited – yes, that is right – invaders, sponsored by their government whose immigration laws are stricter than ours.

But those of us who are against illegal immigration are pegged as “racists” and anti-immigration – both being absurd just as allegations against Tea Party organization and its supporters. It is a movement, not a political party made up of Americans from all type of ethnicity and cultural types that believe not only in conservatism, but most importantly constitutionalism.

Bill Whittle, once again explains it all, as a senator from Louisiana recently explained why he left the Democrats for Republicans …

Therefore, the Democrat Party has, and always will be until it reforms itself COMPLETELY – the party in favor of slavery, formerly physical slavery and now political and cultural slavery.

The reason why they use the emotional and cultural and racial tools in their mantra for amnesty is because they want more citizen political slaves to blindly accept their political platform and agenda – and that is to become the supreme political power in favor of the state collective over the individual liberty republic to the point where every citizen will be controlled by the government from cradle to grave. If that is not socialism, then Bill Whittle and political scientists have it all wrong in its meaning. Point: Did you ever notice that Democrats accuse others for what they do behind closed doors and secret meetings?

Unfortunately, the alternate political entity, called the Republicans, have become compliant and instead of standing up for the Constitution, they instead “compromise” thinking this makes peace in the political arena and a betterment for all. They are delusional, lying to themselves and the People. That is why they are called RINOs – and they too permeate Capitol Hill along with their counterparts in the political divide that Obama promised to close; selling out the People in the name of compromise like Rubio and McCain, as prime examples. If the GOP establishment would have adhered to their professed political platform, welcomed the Tea Party movement not as radicals, but constitutionalists, like one of their members Ron Paul – the election of 2012 would have been earth-shaking [like the American Revolution] and finally a great push towards true reformation and bringing back the constitutional republic that the Founders created and said we would probably not be able to keep. Instead they chose a candidate who lost to the progressives before – because he is indecisive and even created a mini-Obamacare in his own state – a typical GOP establishment poster boy, like GW Bush.

The US Constitution cannot be compromised in order to retain individual liberty for ALL legal citizens of the United States. Are you not tired of being told our rights/liberties must be forsaken for national security?

One man has awakened, and is spending his days trying to show other Americans what is exactly what is going on, his name is Dennis Michael Lynch ….

In the next video, Mr. Lynch reveals that the government has NO INTENTION of securing our borders, in fact, with your taxpayer dollars have set up an emergency station for illegals in three languages, one of them Chinese. Texas Rangers show this and describe who exactly or what type of illegals are crossing our borders:

Wake up, fellow Americans – Save Our Republic – save us from those among us. This is not paranoia, as painted by those who are either serve big government or believe government must control our lives – this stuff is real. We the People should be tired of being sold out. Make your vote count in 2014 – vote for constitutionalists, not people loyal only to political entities and status quo in Washington, DC that has become a Babylon. Americans are tired of choosing the “lesser evil” – we need constitutionalists, for that is how things will be set back on track. I believe that amnesty should be provided to the child who was raised here most of his life or all of his/her life – but only AFTER the border between US and Mexico is completely secured – even if a replica of the China Wall must be built. In the long run, it would pay for itself. In addition, the executive and legislative [and even judicial] branches must ensure that laws are enforced, especially constitutional law – not as they interpret it or pick-and-choose which ones they adhere to. This also means that our policy concerning the Mexican government must be this: either straighten out your country where people do not want to break our laws to come here – or we will fix it for you; and any invasion or such acts sanctioned by the Mexican government will be considered an act of war – like filling Mexican citizens’ heads with propaganda like southwestern United States belongs to Mexico.

Truth is far scarier than fiction.