Barack Obama’s “Change” – Plan B

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible.
George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

An example of what Tahir Square - Egypt - No Obama Signour first president meant about not getting involved with foreign politics. The gist of it is that the United States has only one persuasion to foreign national governments – it’s money, and Barack Obama and his insistence in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood that has been the backbone of Jihad for centuries since it evolved from its origination in Saudi Arabia. Great celebration is in Tahrir Square while another Egyptian government falls, with anti-Morsi people enthusiastic. Meanwhile, murder, mayhem, rape and/or looting continues.

While John Kerry was aboard his yacht at Nantucket, Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, as useful as a tick on a dog’s ear, was on the telephone being as incompetent as usual. He was trying to urge Egypt’s army general to perform a “peaceful” transition. Obama, former community organizer and incompetent senator, is surrounded by staff that is as incompetent as he is.


FrontPage, Daniel Greenfield, wrote about Obama’s “Plan B”:

Plan B is the plan to get the Brotherhood back into power and it depends on using foreign aid and international investments to pressure the current government into rushing into new elections as soon as possible. … But there’s more to Plan B than just another rushed election that would take place soon enough to be characterized by the Brotherhood’s street battles and aggrieved victimization, rather than by policy. …Plan B depends on intimidating the Egyptian authorities into making the same mistake that Mubarak did by setting the Brotherhood loose one more time. … In response to the common and correct perception among many Egyptians that Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood, Kerry issued a statement saying, “The United States categorically rejects the false claims propagated by some in Egypt that we are working with specific political parties or movements to dictate how Egypt’s transition should proceed.” … And the State Department will be playing the familiar game of forcing a wounded government to make concessions to its worst enemies in exchange for American support. These are the tactics that turned over China to the Communist Party and Iran over to the Ayatollahs. The treason of the diplomats did not begin in 2008. It began far earlier and hit its peak during the Cold War. And those same reliable tactics will be employed to compel a second Muslim Brotherhood victory. … Plan A couldn’t keep Morsi in power. Plan B intends to finish what Obama’s Cairo speech started by putting the Muslim Brotherhood back on the throne.

We have elected people over the past two or three decades who support enemies of the United States [and all free nations] or coddle them. We have a president who thinks his stint as a community organizer makes him qualified to play with the big boys in the government/diplomat game – and it is quite obvious that America’s credibility with its allies is at an all-time low; as well as a major broken promise to Israel – the only bastion in the Middle East against this Jihad-Fascist insanity. Islamic leadership has consistently announced publicly their hatred for the United States and any other religion not their own. Yet, our leadership continues to pretend that negotiations and political interference/compromise is the solution.

The federal government, through legislation like the Patriot Act, informs us that We the People must give up certain [inalienable] rights in order to achieve national security and to protect the people of the United States. Yet we find that, the IRS, NSA, and other offices/agencies of the executive branch are more interested in spying and defying constitutional law on their own people – everyday legal Americans. They ignore the fact that Islamic training camps have been established in the United States, yet does nothing to remove them. Our border is not only open [border patrol or not], but we are helping people break our immigration laws by not only not enforcing them, but posting help stations in the common illegal immigrant routes. This government has the idea that citizens who insist upon constitutional law be obeyed and the constitutional republic return as it was created by the Founders, are subversive troublemakers and enemies of the state. They paint citizens who protest abusive acts, intrusive policies, and an unfair taxation system as unpatriotic. It is obvious they do not understand what patriotism is. They also insist that socialism, communism or whatever is better than what the Founders established; yet they have the right to express this within the same system they denounce and would not be able to under the system they want. Our government want the people accountable to them, but they have lost the means to ensure they are accountable to us – it is called the check-and-balance system. That system has deteriorated and now the executive branch, headed by the President of the United States has accumulated too much power and the checking system has failed because Congress is just as eager to obtain power in their area. Meanwhile, justices and judges are stacked into the system that “interpret” the Constitution according to anything but what the Founders established. If their intent is questioned, reading the Federalist Papers [and Anti-Federalist Papers] would be in order.

The mainstream, corporate media stands by this political cancer that has permeated our federal, and some state governments. The media, called the Press in the Constitution is no longer the eyes and ears of the People – but a tool for political corruption and power seekers.

The problems are in plain view, yet too many Americans do not think those are the problems at hand; or they parrot what the manipulative media and politicians want them to believe.

If not enough Americans wake up, there will be no turning back – and it certainly appears that we are at that crossroad already.

Why on Earth would anyone be loyal to any individual, entity, or group that looks upon them as useful peasants? Are we to return to the age of feudalism, superstition, and the idea that knowledge belongs only to the elite establishment?

How ironic that those that protested in the late 1960s and 1970s against the “establishment” are now that establishment whose record of unconstitutional actions are worse than ever before.

Benjamin Franklin and other founders did not think that our republic would last, and in recent decades of events proves they were right.

Do not look to politicians to enact a reformation – We the People must demand it. Yet, those that do are tagged as “anti-government” – false. The Founders created a government and that government was based upon the principles of a constitutional republic, not a democracy, not upon democratic-socialism or progressive socialism. It was what worked for almost 200 years, and now as we just celebrated the 237th anniversary of the United States, we are doing what the founders feared would happen.

Citizens provide great power to fellow citizens they elect and who operate our government and legislate our freedom and liberties away. Too many Americans think that going to the voting booth periodically fulfills their duties as a citizen. Wrong. As Jefferson and others stated, the People must be constantly vigil. Politicians do not always purposefully create bad laws or intrusive policies, but the result is the same. A good statesman or stateswoman can provide or support a bill whose wording can later be used by an unscrupulous politician.

GW Bush may have thought that the Patriot Act was a good thing, but it certainly proved otherwise. Considering that he secretly initiated a North American Union pact between Canada, Mexico, and the United States – I doubt he was ignorant of the expansion of tyranny in the federal government against the People – the spying by various agencies. He was made aware that it was important to get rid of the intrusive, unfair, and corrupt tax system, and stated he would “look at it”. He did not during the course of eight years, and Congress did not push hard enough to get him to agree. Indeed he had even discussed with Mexico’s president to create a NAU currency like that of the EU. The IRS is a useful tool, just as the Gestapo was useful to the Nazi.

Tyrants through the course of history shows one key element that would keep citizens in line – fear. When people fear government, it is not longer a government For and By the People.

Those that operate our government know they are breaking constitutional law and all that the United States ever stood for, and looking at their preparations of force and power to be used against its own citizens makes it clear they are aware that sooner or later the pot will boil over.

I want Americans to wake up before that pot boils over. It is delusional to think that a repeat of 1776 could ever have the same outcome. It will be anarchy and chaos and then total totalitarianism. The Constitution and its amendments will be a faded memory, and subversive elements allowed to gain control within US infrastructure will be the elements [Fifth Element] that gains that power – like the coups of other nations and like the situation now occurring in Egypt.

We had a leader who knew what the Founders created and why. We had a leader who was consistent on policy and practice it over decades of public office. But too many of the People chose to follow the media and the political establishment and denounced his dream of true reformation and love of our country, and so Ron Paul in the twilight of his years has tried to become President of the United States for the last time. Are there any such persons in the newer generations to take his place, with the same honesty and sincerity and knowledge of the Constitution and willing to exercise it? I pray it be so.

Our nation is supposed to be made up of People who are individuals with individual freedom and liberties; yet united under that same purpose and principle. We have been a people who were individualistic, but at the same time looked out for fellow citizens. We the People are the ones that will make a difference, not politicians. Society must reform itself in order to reform its government. It will take self-education until we can return our educational system back into the hands of the People, not an elite group intent upon indoctrinating youth to only believe their way of doing business in government, which has consistently failed.

If you want a better America, return of lost liberties – make it so.

I am sure that many Americans did not get the details when Barack Hussein Obama stated he would “fundamentally change America”.

It is time that We the People correct that mistake and others made in the past five decades – starting with cleaning out Congress in 2014.