Myth Blaster: Recognize This Guy? – Chain Email

trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman_Miami HeraldThe Trayvon Martin shooting case is sticky enough, with the prosecution reaching for straws in order to convict George Zimmerman for Second-Degree Murder, but the morons [and racists] in cyberspace are not helping matters much. Neither has the mainstream media in the whole reporting history of the case.

Now it has gone “viral” over the chain Email circuit that the 17-year-old had tattoos and looked more like a gangster than the innocent-looking youth the media presented [next to a not so good photo of Zimmerman].

Here is Myth Blaster research on the current email generating in cyberspace courtesy of chain email, in varied format:

Trayvon MartinDo you know who this is?

It is Little Trayvon Martin … at 17 yrs of age.

…For those of us who thought we were well-informed and weren’t … quite the reality check. … They continue to show the 5-year-old picture because it helps to cement in your mind the cute, little, hoodie-wearing youngster who was stalked by this monster. In reality “little Trayvon” at the time of his death stood almost 6’2” tall and weighed 175 muscular pounds. He had numerous run ins with authorities (both at school and local police), had been stopped and almost arrested two days before his death for smacking a bus driver in the face because the driver refused to let him ride for free. He was released because the driver was told not to press charges by the bus company and to continue on his route. When “little Trayvon” was suspended at school it was not only because he tried to bring a little marijuana in with him, he was in possession of wedding rings and other jewelry, watches, etc. that he said he “found” along with a large screwdriver while on the way to school that day. The jewelry was turned over to the Police by the school. … I didn’t compose this. I’m only passing it on. [no source, as usual, provided] Never trust the news media for anything.

2279a-flagbarState of Our Union: Election 2012 CircusMYTH BLASTER VERDICT: So little truth it is deemed FALSE.

First, the photos in the email and those depicted of Martin were not at the age of “5 yrs old”. Indeed, SNOPES had disavowed the photo previously in chain email. Not deterred, people began putting together something else.

The picture of the tattooed individual is NOT Martin, but a Gangsta rapper by the name of “Game”. Allegedly, the false Martin photo(s) originated from the American Nazi organization StormFront, claiming to be a “world-wide” organization, carrying on the tradition of Nazi thug ideology from the 1930s and 1940s. [PS – The Nazi were/are not “extreme right” – they are National Socialists, which means they are on the left side of the political house with Democrat-Socialists, Democrats, and Communists]. The element to be truly considered “far right” or “extreme right” are the fundamentalist Christian evangelistic cults that are a small portion of the world of Christianity; and then they are certainly no where near the violent types of Islamic fundamentalists.

In the email, Trayvon is said to have been 6’2” tall and weighed 175 muscular pounds. The Daily Mail, who extensively covered the story reported that Trayvon was 6-foot-3 and 140 pounds [not enough weight for a tall person] and Zimmerman was 250 pounds. The autopsy report that is public recorded body length at 71 inches [5-feet, 11-inches] and body weight of 158 pounds. And stated:

The body presents a medium build with average nutrition, normal hydration and good preservation. … The face is unremarkable [no tattoos]. … There are identification bands on the ankles. Scars on right shoulder, right hand. Tattoos: Symbols with letters – right arm, Letters – left wrist. There are no other significant identifying features.

As far as Martin’s criminal record … Jack Cashill [World Net Daily] – Police Buried Trayvon’s Criminal History: [my highlights]

Some deaths are more politically useful than others. Twenty years ago this week, the Clinton administration ordered a tank assault on the Mount Carmel community, killing 39 racial minorities, 26 of them black. The Clintons and the media suppressed the racial data so rigorously that I doubt even Al Sharpton knows about the black dead at Waco. A year ago Feb. 26, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., and within a month every sentient person on the planet knew “Trayvon” by name. What they did not know was Martin’s background. …We now know what the detectives revealed thanks to a recently fulfilled Freedom of Information Act request filed by the dogged researchers at a blogging collective known as The Conservative Treehouse. The “Treepers” have literally done more good work on the Martin case than all the newsrooms in America combined. Police Chief Charles Hurley launched an Internal Affairs investigation into the possible leak of information to the Herald.] Hurley would be demoted and forced out of the department within a year. … 11 days before Martin’s death, the Miami-Dade County [the county famous for its election fraudulent practices] Public Schools put out a press release boasting of a 60 percent decline in school-based arrests … Hurley’s detectives, all of them veterans with excellent records, told a different story under oath when questioned by Internal Affairs. … “Oh, God, oh, my God, oh, God,” one major reportedly said when first looking at Martin’s data. He realized that Martin had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe. In each case, the case file on Martin was fudged to make the crime less serious than it was. … In Hurley’s defense, school districts across the country had been feeling pressure from the nation’s race hustlers to think twice before disciplining black students. Last year, the White House formalized the pressure with an executive order warning school districts to avoid “methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.” Jesse Jackson brought this nonsense home to Sanford during a large April 1, 2012, rally. … “We must stop suspending our children,” Jackson told the crowd. [only “black” students?]

All of this and Martin didn’t have a criminal juvenile record. Maybe if they would have arrested Martin for his transgressions instead of worried about racial repercussions and their blasted “good community record” – Martin might be alive today. Anyone knows when criminal activity is disciplined with a slap on the wrist, literally teens getting away with things, it leads to a life of criminal activities because they feel they are immune to punishment.

George Zimmerman is not responsible for the death of Martin – society, Miami-Dade County and other places like it are.

Family members state that whatever Martin was up to or had done had nothing to do with his being shot to death. Family spokesman, Ryan Julison stated:

We maintain that regardless of the specific reason for the suspension, it’s got nothing to do with the events that unfolded on Feb. 26.

Yet, who is to say that Trayvon Martin was not casing another home to contemplate burglary when being watched by George Zimmerman?

Odd that these things have not been properly presented in the trial.

Zimmerman Trial Photo compared to child photo of 17-year-old Martin - Media manipulation

Zimmerman Trial Photo compared to child photo of 17-year-old Martin – Media manipulation

Judd Legum at Think Progress provides a more clear picture with sources obtained from the media. If anything is correct in this email is that the media bias and manipulation of information [and deleting facts] is clearly part of the major problem in America, especially when it comes to one-sided, one-view racism. As long as there are role models like “Game” the Gangsta Rapper and racist blackmailers and other scandalous behavior – like Je$$e Jackson and lynch mob mentality like that of notorious race baiter Al Sharpton that proves that morality is not necessarily true for all “reverends”.

So my ultimate advice – use your delete key or click on SPAM when you get chain email. Information from leading and reputable blogs [citizen journalists] and sifting through the BS in mainstream news will help you retrieve a better detail of the story – and always wait until the mainstream media furor dies down in order to get a better, clearer view of an event or incident.

Help stamp out chain email with no verifiable sources – only YOU can prevent misinformation dissemination. We the People must dissolve this racial divide on both sides, whether it be Hispanic or African descendents that are LEGAL citizens – for that is the only way for We the People to be truly united as individuals with rights and freedoms with a common thread to unite us.

It is time to ignore and end the American Nazi, Black Panthers, and race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton – and remember the words of who really counts when discussing such things: MLK.