Blue Slipping and Constititional Powers

The Senate immigration-amnesty bill has not been sent to the House, the theory is that Senator Harry Reid knows it is unconstitutional because all bills pertaining to revenue must originate in the House. Hmm …

Beginning in 2012, this issue was brought up regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare] bill that passed Congress – which originated in the Senate; yet the Supreme Court only questioned the part of the IRS imposing a tax for those that did not comply; which is a direct tax, which is unconstitutional, which means the income tax system being a direct tax forced out of the wages [stolen] and salaries of Americans is also unconstitutional.

This whole scenario is an example of how Supreme Court justices pick and choose and alternate their “interpretation” of constitutional law – and part of the reason of the growth of big government and corruption within our federal system.

In March of this year, a lawsuit was filed because the ObamaCare bill originated in the Senate – and the House did not “Blue Slip” it. I am embarrassed that I did not catch that; however, just reading the overly long bill’s text was an immense task. Worse is that not one justice caught that during its review of the constitutionality of the ObamaCare bill. It should have been trashed just on the truth of it not being listed in the limited powers prescribed by the US Constitution; of which AlterNet and Democratic Underground disagree. Yet, the Cato Institute has published a policy analysis paper by John Samples that shows how Congress has surrendered its powers to the executive office – and has been doing so for decades.

Indeed, big government slowly grew [and speedily increased in Obama administration] because politicians, judges and justices were allowed to ‘pick-and-choose’ what complies with the US Constitution and what does not. It is why lawyers, in general, make poor politicians – they are trained [and put in practice] to look for loopholes in the law and ways to circumvent.

As far as the ObamaCare system punishing citizens for not complying to government health insurance mandates – how will this perform the “help” government insisted that government-controlled health care could provide? As far as I can see it is like many other government “help” programs – citizens are better off without it.

This whole affair is testimony that too many people elected to Congress either are ignorant of constitutional law or purposely ignores it. Technically, any congress member who submits a bill that is unconstitutional is violating their oath of office just by submitting it.

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