James Holmes’ Lawyers Plead Not-Guilty Due to Insanity while Zimmerman Trial Approaches End

[AP/Yahoo] – James Holmes in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting trial pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. To me, accepting a plea of insanity is itself insane, making as much sense as charging a person who commits a violent act under a ‘hate crime’ law. One does not commit violence against another because they ‘like’ them. Degrees of homicide has been established because of varying circumstances of intent, as well as manslaughter for those who inadvertently because of careless actions cause the death of someone; but to plea insanity to escape death penalty or some leniency of the court is ridiculous.

Why should taxpayers fund the cost of keeping a person around for life in prison when a dog can be sentenced to death just for injury of a person by biting?

The key thing about capital punishment with a verdict of life in prison or sentenced to death is to ensure there is no doubt of guilt, which has been more efficient since the advent of DNA testing. I am for death penalty, but I am also adamant that no person should serve time or be sentenced to death who are innocent.

The same people who are against the death penalty and have caused an over liberal court system to be so ineffective are the same people who think nothing of a system where thousands of pre-born infants are murdered daily, sponsored by the government and funded by the taxpayers whose majority is against mass government-controlled abortion. Testimony by people who worked at abortion clinics have testified to the horror within the walls of those clinics; and recently a doctor was charged with murdering at least a portion of infants that are systematically murdered in a horrific manner on a daily basis across a nation who is supposed to hold ‘life and liberty’ on a pedestal.

Like any ‘mad’ dog, Jesse Holmes’ trial should be swift and sentenced to death, and not be held more than one year before that sentence is carried out. Twelve months is long enough for any appeals afforded a person sentenced to death, especially since the electric chair, hanging, and gas chambers have been replaced by the same process they put a dangerous animal down.

  • Meanwhile, the defense rests in the trial of George Zimmerman, closing arguments commence, and soon the public will know what the jury decides. If Zimmerman is exonerated, he will have to disappear into the crowd in order to live a normal life. Media elements reportedly fear if Zimmerman is found not guilty there will be racial civil unrest like what occurred in the 1960s; which is an example of how the racial divide has not faded into history like it should have before the 21st century. It has been kept alive by the same type of people who choose depiction of victimization and blame the rest of society for their self-induced personal life problems. Liberalism, progressive liberalism, has caused a generation that does not accept responsibility for their actions and who believe those who have should be forced to support those that do not. Unless society reforms itself, the system that operates our government will never see reformation back to what the Founders created and, apparently foresaw, that We the People would not be able to keep.