State of Our Union: Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Dangerous

The week before Independence Day, I was in discussion with a young man, whose name and place is withheld, did not know the significance of the year 1776.

After getting over the shock of how the this generation is so out of touch of what their rights are and why they must be maintained and protected.

In the following video, Mark Dice pretended he was obtaining a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, favor the Patriot Act, and promote the ‘New World Order’. It is not only shocking, but brings tears to my eyes ….

A tyrannical entity of power, such as government, can best control the people by controlling knowledge and indoctrinating youth as future generation state pawns through the educational system. All tyrants of history knew this – Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and Lenin. Once the state controls education, from that point it is far easier to control the populace. Indeed, this was the method of the papacy farther back into history by keeping the general populace ignorant, sometimes not allowing sectors of the populace from even learning to read. Think about how ignorant citizens, especially younger generation concerning their Bill of Rights and what the US Constitution is all about – and warnings will then make sense, those given by the Founders and those by people trying to enlighten Americans into taking action of returning the government back into the hands of the People.

The next video demonstrates what is wrong with today’s society … gangsta rappers have become role models for young people, and then we wonder why segments of our society is so messed up … [Mark Dice video]


hand_point2See research performed by Mark Dice about the Illuminati and other controversial subjects.