White House Promoting It’s “Immigration Reform” Program

I just received an email from the White House Director of Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Muñoz [coincidentally she is Hispanic in favor of giving lawbreakers a free ride] that pushes immigration reform presented by the Senate [unconstitutional because it must originate in the House] and explaining how giving amnesty to immigration law breakers will benefit the nation – as if we do not know the results because it happened in the 1980s. Here are excerpts of that email message. “Immigration Reform” is just another word for amnesty, and the bill presented by the Senate does not first provide solid protection of our borders from any further invasion or stop the executive office from continuing their program of not enforcing immigration laws. What needs reformation is the federal government from top to bottom …

Sometimes important facts like this get lost in the hubbub of the debate. So, to make sure folks understand just why immigration reform will make our economy stronger … how fixing our broken system will create jobs, boost wages, and foster innovation. … Not enough people are talking about the economic benefits of immigration reform

Not enough people are talking about economic benefits of “immigration reform” alias amnesty because it does not exist.

Our limited annual quota of allowing so many applicants for immigrants is for a reason – to ensure there are jobs open for them, they pass a background check, pass a medical exam, and their intent is to become a citizen of the United States – not a dissenter stating that part of the United States belongs to Mexico – an excuse for them breaking immigration laws.

In addition, why is an Hispanic in charge of all this – is this not a conflict and promotes bias?

The email informs the reader that they should watch a video, which I did and pass it to you …


First, the video has copied the style of Tea Party member and Patriot, Bill Whittle’s videos, explaining how big government, racism, and the progressive left are hurting the United States.

Second, the video shows a bunch of numbers, but just like the campaign slogan “Change” – does not provide the details as to how exactly do they think this will pay down the national debt or improve our lives? Between 11 million and 20 million illegal people have taken jobs that belong to citizens and legal immigrants; and why with a high unemployment rate continuing, would we want uninvited people here anyway?

If the sad story is told of a youth who wants to attend college is pegged an illegal because his parents are illegal – then the culprit who caused it, along with his parents breaking the law, is also the federal government for not enforcing immigration laws and encouraging illegals to come here – like placing “help” stations on US soil directly in the path where most illegals travel, for example.

If there is not dirty work in progress here – why was a justice to the US Supreme Court chosen who was an active supporter of a Mexican racist organization called La Raza [translated: “The Race”].

There are many problems with all of this, and this video does not, should not, calm the anxiety against what “immigration reform” means to Obama and the progressives; which equates to the fact they just want a larger amount of “useful idiots” to expand their voting base and thus increase and solidify their power and strangle hold upon the People of the United States.

First secure the border – totally, then talk about providing amnesty to those who deserve it.

The federal government still has some explaining to do about why they released Hispanic illegals from prison and out into the community.

Meanwhile, President Obama has signed an executive order providing himself power to shut down communications in case of “national security”. Is this the same reason why DHS purchased billions of rounds of ammunition, ordered a multitude of armored vehicles and more of the rifles the Senate tried to ban recently? All this after it has come to light of what the NSA has been doing [Microsoft showed NSA how to decrypt email], as well as the IRS scandal? It appears nothing will stop the agenda of this president. The best way is to ensure that constitutionalists are elected in 2014 in Congress.

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