Zimmerman Trial: Jury to Deliberate

Soon after closing arguments are finished, the jury in the Zimmerman trial will begin its deliberation. During the deliberation the main elements/questions of the trial must be considered based on evidence presented:

  • Whose screams were heard on the 911 calls? At the beginning, the Martin family were unsure of whose voice was on the recording of cries for help, but later, after a meeting with the family as a collective, they changed that to stating that it was definitely Trayvon Martin. Friends of Zimmerman state that it was the voice of George Zimmerman. No voice print expert was ever produced during the trial to investigate by voice pattern who was crying for help, and the judge would not allow anything found on Martin’s cell phone that could be used for evidence of Martin’s possible intentions or his background of being violent or criminal activities.
  • Who was on top when the shooting occurred? Neighbors saw the struggle in the darkness, but the question was who was the aggressor, the one on top of the other beating the person on the ground. Jonathan Good, who had the best view, stated he saw a person in dark clothing straddling someone in red or white clothing and was using his fists in a downward, pummeling motion on the person on the ground. Zimmerman’s injuries indicate that he was the one pummeled with fists.


  • How or why did Martin’s arms change position after the shooting? Zimmerman stated that after he fired his handgun, he got on top of Martin and spread his arms by his side. A photograph taken by Zimmerman’s neighbor shows Martin’s arms under his body. Vincent DiMaio, a pathologist and expert, testified that Martin could have moved his arms within the 10 to 15 seconds he would have been conscious.
  • Did Zimmerman act in self-defense? The judge will provide “instructions” as to what self-defense is.
  • Was Zimmerman’s initial actions leading to the scuffle and shooting an act of hatred or ill will? Prosecutors must show in order to prove second-degree murder that Zimmerman had a bad attitude toward Martin; yet witnesses of both the prosecutors and defense attorneys have stated that Zimmerman showed any ill will toward Martin.

There was a period of delay before Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. That was a period where there were protests and the racial lynch mob went into action. The subject was not why Martin was shot, but painted as a victim of racism. The President of the United States, who should not be involved in such matters, made the public statement that Martin could have been his own son. The media, from the beginning, painted it as a racial encounter without any such sufficient evidence and assuming that Zimmerman was guilty before even being allowed to defend himself in a court of law. Obama’s interference by making his statement only fueled the fire of the racial lynching mob and the fervor of the media to cast Zimmerman as guilty of racism and murder, and the victim as a “clean-cut” youth who was returning from the store with Skittles and a soft drink. The media is the prime guilty party against Zimmerman by showing photos of Martin at a younger age and photos of Zimmerman that made him appear to be a nasty person. In addition, the media did not show photos that depicted the injuries he received, injuries inflicted by someone beating him repeatedly on his face as well as injuries on the back of his head where it struck the ground.

The media also made the mistake of declaring that Zimmerman was white and therefore guilty of racism, but later it was found that he was Hispanic from his mother, having a white father who gave him his surname of Zimmerman.

Which brings another question to my mind: Why hasn’t the Hispanic community and organizations, continually crying out racism, speak out or protest the systematic media and racial lynch mob attacks against Zimmerman? Racism does not exist just by “White” people of the United States. Racism can be found within any ethnic culture.

After the derogatory remarks of BH Obama, he has not attempted to re-track his statement or smooth things over in quieting down the racial attitudes regarding this shooting incident. Oddly, this would just be another shooting of a youth in Chicago because it occurs so often with the largest percentage being drug and gang related and the victims and shooters being black.

Meanwhile, Florida authorities and law enforcement are preparing for civil unrest if Zimmerman is found either not guilty or gets acquittal because of lack of evidence on the part of the prosecution – benefit of doubt.

Even if Zimmerman is found not guilty or receives an acquittal – his life is ruined. He will have to move and escape public notice for fear of his life from vengeance seekers inspired by the racial lynching mob.

As the jury will soon deliberate, they will also be able to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter.

The prosecution spent two hours summarizing the case, reserving an hour of rebuttal once the defense concludes. Despite Zimmerman’s lawyers, the judge ruled to allow the jury to deliberate upon a lesser charge of manslaughter; but as the defense sated the only charge that should be put before the jury is second-degree murder – that is what he is on trial for. The judge has been aloof towards the defense from the beginning. Apparently she is not concerned about a person being found guilty of second-degree murder falsely. As one attorney, Don West stated:

The state has charged him with second-degree murder. They should be required to prove it. If they wanted to charge him with manslaughter … they could do that.

Initially, he was supposed to be charged with manslaughter, but the prosecution decided to go for second-degree murder.

By giving the jury a consideration of manslaughter, the judge has allowed to have jurors who do not believe it was second-degree murder, unsure of the self-defense plea, choose a guilty vote of manslaughter. It is an underhanded move by the prosecution and the judge.

Hill, a defense attorney, stated:

From the jury’s point of view, if they don’t like the second-degree murder – and I can see why they don’t like it – he doesn’t want to give them any options to convict on lesser charges.

In Florida, it appears, this is standard practice to allow jury to consider lesser charges – despite not being brought against the defendant.

And get this:

Prosecutor Richard Montei also asked that the jury be allowed to consider third-degree murder, on the premise that Zimmerman committed child abuse when he shot the underage Martin.

Of course, Zimmerman’s lawyer –

called that “bizarre” and “outrageous,” and the judge sided with the defense.

To the prosecutors, Zimmerman needs to be punished for shooting a 17-year-old whether it was in self-defense, disregarding the evidence that Martin was the aggressor and his checkered recent background showed that he was violent and used drugs.

Soon we will hear the jury’s decision.

What would you surmise if you were on the jury?