Reflections: Playing ‘Devil’s Advocate” Concerning George Zimmerman

Looking at an alternate view concerning George Zimmerman, questions that the prosecution did not ask or information not used – playing the “devil’s advocate”, so to speak …

Orlando Sentinel:

George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends.

His mother is Peruvian-American, and George grew up in Manassas, Virginia, where neighbors describe the Zimmerman’s as very religious – George was an altar boy and evening receptionist at the family’s parish, All Saints Catholic Church. The Zimmerman children attended Catholic school through the eighth grade, then public high school. The family moved to Florida about a decade ago. George married Shellie Nicole Dean, a cosmetologist, in 2007.

At the time of the shooting, George was an underwriter at a mortgage firm. In 2008, Zimmerman completed a 14-week citizens’ police academy program offered by Seminole Sheriff’s Department.

In 2001, Zimmerman was the victim of an unspecified minor criminal assault in Manassas. In 2005, he was arrested after a shoving match with a law enforcement officer. One month later, he was involved in a domestic violence dispute with ex-fiancéVeronica Zuazo; it was settled with a mutual restraining order – meaning both sides were violent toward each other. Of course, media stories conflict, some report that both sides dropped charges.

Washington Free Beacon:

Craig Sonner, Zimmerman’s lawyer, told CNN that his client had recently mentored a young black boy, taking him out to play basketball and helping raise money for the boy’s church. He registered as a Democrat in 2002.

People in George’s neighborhood stated that Zimmerman was a dedicated neighborhood watch volunteer – he called 911 at least 46 times in the past six years, complaining about everything from unruly children at the pool to uncollected trash to open garages, but his recent calls focused on what he deemed suspicious characters, most of them black.

[See Sources: Brisbane Times, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post.]

George Zimmerman was acquitted because of reason for doubt.

George was also attacked for being a ‘wannabe cop’ – as protestor’s signs showed. Yet, their ignorance of the law is plainly clear – any citizen may make an arrest and/or detain an individual until proper authorities arrive. However, certain procedures must be applied, as the WikiHow entry describes in Making a Citizen’s Arrest. On thing is made clear: lethal force is never appropriate unless it is in self-defense. And, do not attempt to transport a suspect on your own, this can result in false imprisonment charges. …When dealing with potential criminals, it’s better to be on the side of caution and leave the crime control to trained professionals.

I believe if the public was not so quick to make Zimmerman guilty, he may have received a manslaughter charge instead of second-degree murder; which the prosecution did not do, but wanted it added later in the trial when they saw how weak their case was.

What verdict would you decide if you were on the jury and knew all information provided by defense and prosecution?

Out of curiosity I would like to hear from readers what their take is. Guilty or not guilty or should have been charged and found guilty of manslaughter or none of the above?

Does it make any difference that George’s father is a retired judge? Actually, Robert Zimmerman was a magistrate.

Whichever be the case, a young man is dead and another man’s life is ruined and in danger from vigilantes. Robert Zimmerman was a retired military man – so which is it – retired magistrate or retired military, or both?

In reality, both the shooter and the person killed were minorities – so why have demonstrations against white on black racist violence? In the real world there is tension between Latinos and Blacks, especially in prisons, usually because of gang membership.

As usual, the media has not been very much help; in fact, they were instrumental in helping to raise the ire of the public as well as putting out conflicting reports. [See The Real George Zimmermannote that the author is black.]

In final analysis, vigilantes are wrong, not matter what race or ethnic group they belong to. Seeking to lynch and even putting a bounty on George Zimmerman is just as wrong when blacks were hung by KKK members. Which means racism cannot end unless both sides or all cooperate. As rallies and minor violent acts have occurred [Los Angeles, place of infamous Watts Riots], it is clear that the racial lynch mob does not want justice, as their cries and signs depict, but revenge. Demands from NAACP and maybe from the executive office, an investigation is underway to determine if civil rights case against George Zimmerman is feasible.

Meanwhile, media continues to inflame the issue as the DOJ does not respect the verdict …



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