Zimmerman Trial Verdict: Not Guilty – But Not Free

George Zimmerman has been acquitted: Not Guilty of Second-Degree Murder and Not Guilty of Manslaughter charges. The six women jurors deliberated for 15 hours over two days before the verdict was reached about 10pm, Saturday. The prosecution’s case was weak and fortunately the jury provided a benefit of doubt, and considered that the forensic evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, beating on Zimmerman, who did not pull his firearm from the holster until Martin had his hands near where he carried his concealed carry firearm. Yet people are sad that he was not convicted. Racism has been prevalent throughout this trial – Zimmerman, in the eyes of media [thanks to them the fervor] and with the aid of stupid remarks from President Obama [a president should never interfere with such a civil case], immediately Zimmerman was deemed a racist. Congressional members were just as guilty of prejudicial remarks.

No one considered that Zimmerman had not only been a member of a community watch, but also reportedly helped young people of the community who were black. It did not matter to the general black public. It did not matter that the media at first painted Zimmerman as white, and later found he was Hispanic – mostly because of his non-Hispanic surname, Zimmerman. The media and the president is to blame for any repercussions of the verdict delivered by the jury.

After 15 months he is a free man, but is he? Throughout the ordeal, George Zimmerman was guilty until proven innocent. A little different from what the law reads.

Zimmerman will have to move somewhere where people do not know or recognize him, maybe even change his name for his own protection. How sad, and how racist people are [who always use the race card] that they would not honor the verdict of the jury – all the while assuming Zimmerman was guilty just because Martin was 17 and black. Shootings all over United States, but this one was singled out – and Obama helped focus upon it. Is that justice? No. It’s racism and workings of a racial lynch mob. No different that actions by KKK or StormFront or Black Panthers or Aztlan or MEChA or La Raza.

Just look at statistics across the nation’s urban communities and you will find youth like Martin involved in shootings, either the recipient or the shooter, usually gang and/or drug related. Where is the outrage? None, because the shootings are black on black or black vs Latino.

So it is okay or can be ignored as long as blacks shoot each other?

No – society must realize that they are churning out criminals and such crimes because there isn’t enough family unity, the nurturing nucleus that provides an atmosphere to raise children properly. Mothers who have a different father for each of their children. Fathers who abandon their children. Parents who do not provide values to pass on, instead producing an environment that is negative instead of positive – all with the help of government-controlled schools who suspend students for wearing certain T-shirts, showing no tolerance towards sport firearms [once upon a time there were gun clubs with no problems] – yet students are not permanently expelled when found with drugs [like Martin] or get off when allegedly having incriminating evidence that points toward thievery or burglary [like Martin].

Racism is not liking someone because of their ethnic background or skin pigmentation; but racism is also when one ethnic group insists that when one of theirs commits a crime or ethical injunction, immediately they are being accused because of their race.

It is not racism that shows there is a large percentage of “black” Americans in prisons and jails – that is the fault of society, the communities who do not provide the aforementioned values as well as with the help of government that keeps them on welfare [combined with their lack of values and initiative] – and that is where the problem lies. It makes the difference, like between Trayvon Martin and Allen West, for example.

Here is a picture of people outside the Seminole County Court and their reaction to the verdict [notice the ridiculous symbolism of protestors holding a bag of Skittles …


During the trial, defense attorney, O’Mara provided a large cement block and stated:

That’s cement. That is a sidewalk. That is not an unarmed teenager with nothing but Skittles trying to get home. That’s somebody who used the availability of dangerous items, from his fist to the concrete, to cause great bodily injury … against George Zimmerman. And the suggestion by the state that that’s not a weapon that can’t hurt someone, that can’t cause great bodily injury, is disgusting.

Indeed, the officers who showed up clearly saw between Martin and Zimmerman who was being beaten. The only marks on Martin was the gunshot wound. The prosecutions witnesses has no credibility, changing their stories from first interview throughout the trial; while Zimmerman’s story not only matched that of forensic examination, but was consistent.

The prosecution reached for straws throughout the trial, some being absurd, like no DNA of Martin was found on the handgun. It was because Zimmerman said it appeared Martin was trying to get to his firearm and therefore Zimmerman grabbed it before he could – therefore, by Martin’s attempt failing there wouldn’t be any DNA of Martin on the firearm.

Then there was who was yelling for help. If Zimmerman was on the ground with Martin pummeling blows to his head, as clearly the photos after the incident show, why would Martin, the assailant be yelling for help?

A neighbor, John Donnelly made it clear that he had been a combat medic in Vietnam and could distinguish people’s voices when they were screaming, and swore that Zimmerman was the one yelling for help.

Then the best evidence came from a pathologist, Dr. Vincent Maio, expert at gunshot wounds, who concluded that it was Martin who was leaning over Zimmerman when the teen was shot – just as Zimmerman said. A neighbor, John Good stated that judging from clothing colors, it was Martin who had been on top that night.

See complete case notes at Crimesider.

The sad part of all of this is that George Zimmerman and his wife must fade into the populace because of people who seek revenge, despite that a jury declared him not guilty of anything except self-defense. Not because Martin was 17, but because he was black. If that is not racism, I do not know what is.

a58b2b494ff36417370f6a7067009fecMeanwhile, NAACP wants the Justice Department to file civil rights charges and asking public to sign a petition. What about the civil rights of this Hispanic man harassed by a racial lynch mob, even after being acquitted? The NAACP has made itself judge and jury.

Nothing from the Hispanic groups always sticking up for immigration lawbreakers. Probably not, Mr. Zimmerman is a legal American – born from a “white” father and Hispanic woman.

Not too very long ago, a famous ex-football player and occasional film star, most likely killed his wife and her friend; but the jury acquitted him because of reasonable doubt. What makes this trial any different, except that Zimmerman’s testimony matches the evidence, unlike the OJ Simpson trial?

I am angry at President Obama, who claimed he would help heal racism in America – but instead has inspired just the opposite with his poor choice of wording and inserting comments into something no President of the United States should get involved in. Where was the White House and its FBI when a reward was offered for George Zimmerman, not a fugitive, but for street justice racist style? Indeed, protestors were using the words of BH Obama, the liar and troublemaker: Justice for Trayvon! He could have been your son!

Yes, he could have been my son, and if he was and did what Trayvon Martin did, my sadness would not change the truth that Martin was heading for a life of crime, but it ended one night when he attacked a neighborhood watch person. The racial lynch mob does not want justice, they want revenge. Justice has been served. Zimmerman will he hounded for a long time, and probably have nightmares over the fact he was forced to take another person’s life and memories of that grizzly outcome. His price will be those nightmares and living a life in the shadows. He is paying the price for making a decision.

One wonders if Zimmerman was not armed, what would be the outcome of Martin’s attack upon Zimmerman. Would the authorities let it slide like they did other altercations committed by Martin? And would it be for the reason Martin was black?

People are afraid to speak out today when they find ethical and criminal activities of an individual if they are “black”. If that is the attitude of society, there will be more Trayvon Martins, and racism will never end in the United States. The way it is now, Caucasians must apologize for slavery they were never part of and/or for just not having enough skin pigmentation.

Abraham Lincoln warned that a house divided could not stand … it is about time that we look at each other as fellow Americans [those that are legal], and stop this racial nonsense from all sides and aspects. It took a civil war to end slavery, what is it going to take to become a united people?

Still no word from Hispanic organizations on the side of Zimmerman. Silence speaks louder than words. One thing that has been exposed is the racism within ‘black’ communities. It is tragic for any 17-year-old to lose his life, whatever the circumstance.

Here is the misinformation that permeated from the protestors – false, most shootings are black on black.