More Information About Zimmerman Case and More Senseless Repercussions

Here is some information that could not be released until the Zimmerman trial was over – and the media has ignored from the beginning. They were so busy trying to make Zimmerman appear as a racist and Martin a victim of racism that they did not bother to get any objective details. Check out:

What Obama Can Learn from a Legal Intern by Keith Koffler

Photo of George Zimmerman’s Black Great Grandfather at CF News-13. Remember, the media did not talk much about Zimmerman’s Peruvian mother.

And the racial lynch mob does not accept the verdict, as Bruce Thornton explains at FrontPage Mag entitled Race-Industry Leeches.

And, rightfully so, NBC is being sued by Zimmerman for editing 911 Call and should sue the media [CNN] for displaying his social security number during a trial broadcast.

And a testament as to where the real racism lies … three African-American men abducted and beat up a jogger in retaliation of the Zimmerman verdict. Notice no national outrage [that is good] in terms of violence, just words of outrage like in this article. The Civil Rights Act of the 1960s was the right step towards unity, but society must clean up its act as well – and that means BOTH sides of the racial fence. I served 15 years in the US Army and when I became a non-commissioned officer, those soldiers I was responsible for [and to] wore the same uniform I wore and the only thing mattered was their performance, their sense/act of duty, and their character [which I was responsible to build]. There were people who came from all walks of life, of varied skin pigmentation, but we all had one thing in common: we are Americans. Each had their own level of abilities with a specialty where they excelled, with exception that all had an opportunity to be all they could be within their abilities. Well, until quota entered the NCO promotion factor – points were given if a candidate for promotion was a minority and/or a female. A testament to “fairness” of the progressive left filtered in from society into the military infrastructure, like political correctness.

Shame on our society.

Abraham Lincoln, worried about the future of the United States wisely stated that a nation divided cannot stand. Of all the street gangland shootings and murders that occur daily in the United States, why is the people of our nation focusing on one incident, and not accept the jury of the Zimmerman trial’s verdict? Mourn Martin, yes; but retaliate or seek revenge for an incident of self-defense is beyond ridiculous – it is shameful.

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