Info Highway: News Snippets – July 18th 2013

  • hand_point2  The Newton Sandy Hook Foundation was set up to oversee donations received $11.4 million in donations for the families of 20 children and six adults killed in the mass shooting that rocked the nation and was a political tool to advance efforts against the Second Amendment. Twelve children’s families who survived the attack were also to receive a portion at the amount of $20,000 each with two teachers injured to split $150,000. Families of the 26 killed will receive $281,000. The funds were raised by United Way charity [United Nations affiliated]. To demonstrate how “foundations” work, the foundation board kept $3.7 million of the funds for a “long-term community fund” instead of dividing up the entire amount and closing the fund. According to AP, Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw the compensation for victims of the September 11, 2001 attack, the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and the Boston Marathon Bombing stated:

You really have to ask the foundation board why it decided not to distribute all the donated funds to the families.

Isn’t that was what the people who donated the funds expect to happen? According to the chairman of the board, Dr. Charles Herrick, there were 400 students at the school that day, as well as first responders who may need help in the future.

  • hand_point2  Republican-majority House has voted 38 times to repeal the “Affordable Health Care Act” called Obamacare, and every bill never passed the Senate and to Nancy Pelosi in the House. James Hoffa of the Teamsters Union sent a letter to Senator Reid requesting they fix the healthcare law. The White House or the Senate has not addressed the problems and the huge cost of the government-controlled healthcare system and threatens a “political option” in 2014, as stated by Rep. Michelle Bachmann [R-MN]. The labor unions backed Obamacare from the beginning and now are seeing what is actually in it and how inefficient and expensive it will be. I guess they have seen what’s in the bill AFTER it passed, as the infamous Pelosi stated. Why would people elect someone who insists upon passing a bill that they do not know exactly what is in it? The bill is as complicated as the income tax system, and almost as wordy. Just repeal the damn thing and use it as an example of why bills should not be complicated and that government needs to keep its nose out of the private sector when it comes to individual choice.
  • hand_point2  New York state Senator Simcha Felder [Democrat] whose district includes the Orthodox Jewish community got his panties in an uproar when he demanded that Rep. Anthony Weiner apologize for comparing the Mayor Bloomberg NYPD stop-and-frisk program to Nazi Germany when Weiner stated: …you can have 100 percent statistical reduction in crime if you stop everybody. You could have 1938 Germany, because everyone has to show their papers. I say if the shoe fits, wear it, Mr. Felder. We are talking about a ban on soft drinks just because Mayor Bloomberg thinks it is bad for the public. We are talking about a mayor that is against the Second Amendment, but wants to act like a Nazi and frisk everyone in order to counter the fact that citizens legally allowed to protect themselves reduce crime. Rather than allowing law-abiding citizens to “keep and bear arms” – he chooses the Nazi option. He also wants to ban sparklers. Where is the citizenry better off? And, does that statement insult Jews or does it insult the Nazi? You decide from Felder’s statement: His comments were shocking and disgraceful … He should apologize. Anyone who uses the Holocaust frivolously diminishes the tragedy that occurred. How so, Mr. Felder?
  • hand_point2  Jimmy Carter, former president, stated that the jury in the George Zimmerman trial concluded the right decision. I think the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented, because the prosecution inadvertently set the standard so high that the jury had to be convinced that it was a deliberate act by Zimmerman, that he was not at all defending himself. The racial lynch mob cannot call Democrat Carter a racist, he founded and supported by personal involvement since 1984, the Habitat for Humanity that helps people get affordable housing through funding and community volunteers for EVERYONE qualified no matter race, creed, or religion.
  • hand_point2  After Senator Marco Rubio betrayed the Tea Party Caucus is expected to appear in a closed door meeting next week. If he had the vision of running for president in 2016, that should be dissolved, as his popularity polls have dropped since he accepted an immigration bill without border security being emphasized. The caucus is not officially the Tea Party organization, but made up of 66 members of the Republican Party, which Tea Party members and leadership believe that the Republican elite establishment is moving to take control of the force that demands limited government, a fair and efficient tax system, and reduced spending. Tea Party supporters are not part of the caucus and Senators Ron Johnson [WI], Pat Toomey [PA], and Marco Rubio [FL] refused to join the caucus. The caucus wants to negotiate behind closed doors, but the actual Tea Party Patriots [official home of the American Tea Party Movement] is not accepting the caucus because of its RINO reputation. The movement is not accepting it because they are firm in their conviction that the US Constitution is not negotiable or to be compromised. The Tea Party folks are fed up with the GOP because of the chose of the GOP establishment poster boy, Mitt Romney, that caused Obama to be elected again. Three members of the Tea Party Caucus are members of the GOP establishment. The progressives have accused the Tea Party Movement of being racist, which is absurd as Lloyd Marcus and Kevin Jackson can attest; and hypocritical because there is a Black Caucus in Congress whose membership is ‘blacks only’ – and Allen West resigned because their agenda is only for Black Americans and they falsely accused the Tea Party of racism and their propaganda against Sarah Palin. West was the last non-Democrat to leave the caucus, which is now all Democrats. West was also concerned about the practice of race-baiting by the caucus. Notice how the Young Turks video states how Allen West is a hypocrite because he used the word 21st plantation – which is different than the lynching statement made by Black Caucus leader – HERE. The Young Turks pretend to be objective in their news reporting, but viewers can readily see they lean toward the progressive movement, smoothing over what Progressives [democrat-socialist] say and do, while nit picking at conservatives or constitutionalists say. They are the left side of what Rush Limbaugh used to be – but now is shaking up the GOP. What can one expect from New York?