IRS Scandal Investigaton Continues – More Revelations

ron_paul_deskToday the hearings continue with investigation of the IRS in one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, DC – which is hard to determine with all of the past scandals in just four years under the leadership of BH Obama. The Daily Caller just released a story of an IRS lawyer stating that the scandal was overseen by DC – and is naming names. The lawyer is Carter C. Hull, who is retiring and who implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office that was headed by an Obama appointee: William J. Wilkins and Lois Lerner. The investigation committee wants to know how high the scandal went. And during the investigation it was found that banks can deduct foreclosure costs, but individuals cannot.

This is a good testament against the income tax system with tyranny and corruption guiding it.

Yet, still, after being declared unconstitutional in 1911 – we are stuck with this overbearing, intrusive, unfair, inefficient, and tyrannical form of taxation.




2 comments on “IRS Scandal Investigaton Continues – More Revelations

  1. anclote says:

    IRS is not out of control; it’s under the control of the unions/democrats and will do everything possible to keep them in power. That’s not a shocker since all the federal employees are unionized. We need to go back to the pre-Kennedy era of no government employee unions. We should also go to the “Tax of No Return” so that the IRS can shrink to a small shadow of its current self.

  2. I second those emotions, I mean “motions”. Thanks for your input.

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