Larry Elder vs Piers Morgan: Guns and Racism And Continued Government Unconstitutional Acts

Piers Morgan makes a fool of himself who wants people to believe that guns make people bad. Larry Elder confronts him concerning his book entitled: Dear Father, Dear Son. …

And here is another concerning gun control with Senator Murphy of Connecticut with Larry Elder [six months ago] …

Sixteen hours ago, Larry Elder was back on CNN giving Piers Morgan a what for … why doesn’t this guy just go back to England where there is total gun control, as well as speech control, et cetera, et cetera? Maybe this will be the last time Larry is invited because he speaks the truth about the racial lynch mob and the real problems in the black communities ….

Piers Morgan was once a tabloid newspaper, so he does not care about objective, truthful reporting. He is also involved in a hacking scandal, according to the Telegraph, UK. Probably the reason why he left England for CNN; however, there were rumors that CNN may drop him if this scandal develops. Of course, Morgan accuses media [that he is part of] and bloggers of being “lying smearers” – just as Morgan calls anyone who disagrees with his progressive ideology as “stupid”. Apparently CNN does not care about credible media personalities talking their progressive propaganda on their media station because Morgan is still there – inflaming the ire of sensible Americans and constitutionalists; unlike himself. Just another progressive media talking head.

See Also: Blaze article on Elder v. Morgan. AND … Man in Washington state was arrested for doing what VP Joe Biden told people to do with a shotgun [because they don’t need an AR-15]. AND …. Obama is in the process of tracking people and their vehicles. Patriot Post: Justice 1, Racism 0. While people are yelling for justice for Trayvon Martin – after four months, there is NO justice for the death of Ambassador Stevens and those with him in Benghazi. The media is selective in what they decide to emphasize, so they end up ignoring real issues – like bad government and corruption/crimes within the federal system.

While Eric Holder continues to whine about state laws that allow citizens to defend themselves, the issue not only remains untouched concerning Fast-N-Furious, but people are still being murdered by firearms they released into Mexico. A year has passed since Holder stated he was “working on it” – with no results except continued coverup hoping that the people and investigators will give up.