Reflections Upon the State of OUR Union

Anyone who wishes for armed conflict or war is either fooling themselves or a liar – or both.

Alex Jones is a patriot and a constitutionalist, who has been on the band wagon to wake people up to where the United States is heading. He often loses it concerning the outrageous acts of federal [and some state] government, or rather those who have been elected to operate on our behalf as ‘We the People’.

Constitutionalists like Bill Whittle and Glenn Beck converse in a more calmer state, but I believe they may get the message across [and warnings to Americans] than someone who loses their temper – not that Mr. Jones does not truly believe that We the People must insist upon reformation and the return of what government is and represents as created by the Founders. Of course, Mr. Jones’ confrontation with authorities, acting as a media form, has a right to be angry at the establishment created by apathetic citizens allowing political prostitutes to run their government.

Preppers have grown in number in the last five years or so, it is because people are afraid that chaos is looming because too many Americans either refuse or are naïve to think that corruption in our government and our society’s commitment to degrade moral, ethical, and values that promote a good society and healthy civilization. The Golden Rule and value of good character has been trampled upon by people who are self-serving, and frankly do not want to face the fact that keeping liberties and freedom is an ongoing thing, to be passed down from generation to generation and is the responsibility of all citizens to do so.

Those that believe that only a revolution like what happened in 1776 will make things turn around. They are fooling themselves. It was a unique time and nature of events that could never be repeated  – with the same results. It was the only rebellion against tyranny that had a happy ending in the history of civilization, and it was because the Founders, in their wisdom and clear insight, saw that the constitutional republic, a government based upon rule of law, could succeed; and only if the People continued to protect and prevent its collapse.

It is a sad portion of US history that Americans went to war before slavery was finally ended. Americans fighting against Americans over something that should never exist in a constitutional republic or even a democracy. It stained the famous words within the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal. It took even longer to get an amendment to declare that women had the right to vote and participate in the process of responsibility of all citizens of the United States. Progressives enjoy dwelling upon this and are self-proclaimed apologists. Looking at world history, we owe NO ONE an apology, like BH Obama did in first term – even degrading himself and his office by bowing to an Sheik. Someone forgot to provide him with a copy of Foreign Policy for Idiots. Finally an African-American becomes president and look who the people choose – a socialist indoctrinated liar supported by the Chicago corrupt political machine; strung along by globalists like George Soros.

Despite these setbacks, which includes transgressions and broken treaties with the First Americans [native Americans], we corrected mistakes. Native Americans, however, prevailed and today they keep their ancestral memories and traditions while still being American citizens, a part of the whole. They did not dwell upon historical travesties against their ethnic group, nor raised their children to consider themselves ‘victims’, a mental attitude that the ‘whites’ owed them for past sufferings. Instead of they teach their children to be proud of their heritage and to honor that heritage by being strong and responsible, participating with the rest of America’s ‘Melting Pot’ to be a nation united as American citizens – regardless as to who was here in North America first.

The gist of what I am trying to get across in these abstract thoughts is that we need to make sure that our government is reformed as peacefully as possible. Thomas Jefferson and other Founders declared that any form of tyranny can expect rebellion, righteous rebellion. Benjamin Franklin stated that we had a republic if only we could keep it; and other founders agreed that without the people’s diligence against those who would inadvertently or systematically destroy our republic – it would fall as surely and as hard as Rome did – and in chaos. When the smoke clears, it leaves only tyranny that becomes the governing body instead of the freedom and liberty that was the reason for rebellion.

If we want to prevent the United States from collapsing within and prevent easy pickings for our enemies – than we must unite as citizens of the United States, no matter what skin pigmentation or ethnic background we may possess. We must see that we are in this together and quit allowing political entities to divide us, for that is how tyranny succeeds.

I do not want to see Americans forced to defend themselves from other Americans, armed troops declaring martial law by a tyrannical government. Indeed, those troops are sworn to protect and defend, not only the people, but constitutional law. They have the right to not carry out unlawful orders, and respectfully say so.

One generation, which I call the “lost generation” has been duped and brainwashed in an educational system whose textbooks are written by politically correct individuals and government mandate as to what truth is and is not. We need to take control of ourselves AND our children’s education. This means the old-fashioned parent-teacher relationship and putting education back into the hands of the people and state governments. A central government cannot possibly operate an educational system efficiently; whose ideology is that educational problems are met by more funding instead of stepping back and looking from outside the box.

Obviously, the central, federal government has failed in most everything it has done because it insists upon going beyond constitutional limitations and dissolving the separation of branches between the legislative, executive, and judiciary – and not putting their political clubs above the matters concerning operating our government.

Our federal government needs to clean up their attitude towards foreign affairs and policies. We can make better friends and be more impressive by becoming [once again] a role model, rather than a mercenary element fighting other nation’s wars – too often choosing the right side, but that side ending up something other than a model of what our Founders created.

Our government needs to be strong in defense, developing technology that not only strengthens that defense, but also nourishes a society that advances itself. If we must go to war, our government must have the resolve to see it through and support those who fight against enemies of the United States with the same dedication they have towards their political donors.

The United States, if it is to return to being a great nation, cannot afford to be the world’s policemen or try to make friends with foreign aid that amounts to nothing but tribute money. Friends worth having cannot be bought. Trade and improving foreign national lives must be the key of our foreign policy, as well as the tool to bring the enlightenment that our Founders promoted and succeeded in delivering when our nation was formed.

Let’s reform ourselves, educate ourselves in constitutional law, and provide good examples for our children to pass onto their children – so politicians will not longer have control over the people but the reverse instead. That is how things will turn around.

Will that dissolve any future issues? No. But at least we would have a concrete foundation and rule of law to deal with any future issues effectively.

I want a revolution, a social revolution, where character matters and personal responsibility that comes with freedom of choice. I want individual freedom, yet united under the rule of law; not collective totalitarianism. That is what the Founders created and dreamed of continuing.

I believe we can do it, but it will not happen if we allow political prostitutes and media talking heads to inflame our emotions instead of encourage reasoning and enlightenment.

United is the key word to any success we have of reforming and re-instituting what the Founders created – a constitutional republic. Abraham Lincoln thought so, and succeeded into reestablishing unification.

Is any form of government perfect?


Like humanity, there are imperfections; but a solid foundation with character and values is in order in retaining and maintaining a good society and strong nation who values the golden rules of civilization. In 1776, enlightened men established a government system like no other seen in history or since – but we have been apathetic and losing it’ accelerating in the last two decades.

We are at the mark that is beyond the crossroads.

What are you going to choose to do?

One reads the horrors of strife and division concerning foreign nations.

I do not want to see this happen to my/our beloved nation. Reformation can occur without violence – just insist that there are qualified people in primary elections and that those you choose to serve in Congress and the White House are constitutionalists first, and political club members second [or third, after the People]. Political parties are a necessary evil because it costs so much to campaign for office; but after the election it is time to get down to constitutional business.

Those in Washington and in state governments should be a reflection of our society, people chosen because they are best among us – not the corrupt despots elected today.

It is time to take back what belongs to the People, and take away from those who believe their social engineering and experimentation is better than what our Founders created.

Smokey-the-BearAs old Smokey the Bear used to say:

Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

We all have our responsibilities – let’s get together and DO IT!