State of the Union: Obama Chief Economics Advisor Asleep ‘at the Wheel’

Larry Summers Sleeps

Larry Summers, Obama Economic Adviser

This is the man [left] who BH Obama appointed as chief economics aid [not because he qualified] and now wants to give him control of the Federal Reserve – which should be dissolved, and especially, as Ron Paul demanded, that a complete audit be taken as to what is going on in that area of government that remains a mystery, just as why the 16th Amendment passed when the Supreme Court in 1911 ruled two years before it was mysteriously ratified [NOT] that it was unconstitutional because it is a DIRECT TAX – just as the so-called Obamacare is unconstitutional today. The progressive income tax is not only unfair, but unconstitutional.

[Pollock v. Farmers Loan & Trust]

That it the world of Obama and those like him – reward people even if they fail; unfortunately this has been applied to our educational system which is starting to bite US society in the rump.

Summers pretty much spells out the competence in the Obama administration.

And for another unbelievable [laughable if it wasn’t so serious] … the Congressional Black Caucus [why isn’t there a ‘White’ Caucus or ‘Red’ Caucus or ‘Yellow’ Caucus?] – has suggested that Sheila Jackson Lee be the replacement chief of Department of Homeland Security. The same person that just introduced a bill to pressure states to do away with ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws. The representative from Texas famous [or infamous] for her unintelligent remarks, right up there with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.