Seven Obama Regulations to Watch For – None of Which Seem Good

Seven regulations that will be worked on during August recess in Congress and after also includes raising the requirement of Ethanol to 15% being a government mandate. Before, it was encouraged to raise the amount of Ethanol, despite warnings. Automakers warn that such a blend will make auto warranties voided. Not enough research was put into the use of Ethanol as a bio-fuel made from corn, a food product whose prices have now soared because of the experimentation. Now that the blended fuel is mandated, more engines are being ruined and gas tanks are containing more water because of the side effects of a bio-fuel that has NOT reduced gas mileage as promised nor reduced the cost of fuel as promised. Like the Federal Reserve, the name of the game is power and money. Ethanol does not improve clean air conditions, just as Global Warming [reworded by progressives to climate change] is not caused by human activity. Ethanol is one of the great scams in progress initiated by corporations via government policy. Government has no constitutional right to tell consumers they have to use a certain product, or not to use a legal product like tobacco – especially when their claims of ‘clean air advocacy’ is the main theme that proves to be false. What government in the world pays farmers NOT to grow certain crops [at taxpayer expense]?

Ethanol is especially bad for small engines – motorcycles and marine engines. Problem is: consumers have little choice because it is difficult to find service stations who have non-Ethanol gasoline [usually premium grade, used by motorcycles, boats, and tractors]. Consumers might as well put rubbing alcohol in their fuel tanks [it would be 75% cheaper].

Is there anything that those who operate our government don’t screw up?

Isn’t it time that voters start being more selective who they vote for from local level to federal level?