Benghazi and Other Corruption Must Not Be Ignored

The myriad of scandals of the Obama administration continues with little repercussion and the head of the executive branch of federal government remains untouched, as well as the US Attorney General, some staff resigning or fired over issues like the IRS, violations of the Hatch Act, et cetera. One scandal that should have awoke apathetic American voters before the 2012 November election was the Benghazi attack of September 11th, 2012. That scandal must not, cannot be swept under the rug, for people died because those in charge ignored requests for increased security [Secretary of State: Hillary Rodham Clinton] and ignored by a president who ordered security forces request to come to the aid of the personnel at Benghazi were given the order to ‘Stand Down’, while the president that 65+ million voters [including vote fraud numbers] allowed this ineffective, corrupt individual continue occupying the White House – went back to sleep because his attendance at a campaign function in Las Vegas the following day had priority.

The media, called the ‘Press’ in the First Amendment have the right to freedom of speech, which means they should be the eyes and ears of the People, not the mouthpiece of propaganda for a corrupt, power seeking government. Whether the media, mainstream corporate, has chosen this position or has been coerced in it – this and other elements is the key steps toward a totalitarian government that resembles nothing what the Founders created.

A compliant, state-controlled media plus corrupt politicians equals tyranny. The political club in power is aided by RINOs like John Boehner have put a monkey wrench into the workings of what was once a government with a check-and-balance system, purposefully put in place by wise founders. The executive branch has gradually gained unconstitutional power over decades since FDR’s brand of democratic socialism, convincing the people that government can do better than they do when it comes to their personal lives. Social experiments, despite its continual failure and creating new issues, continues by political misfits and prostitutes who cannot understand why their methodology is not working; failing to heed the wisdom of Albert Einstein‘s definition of insanity:

…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

The media and those responsible for the deaths and injuries in Benghazi must answer to their negligence and the workings of coverup – not just for the sake of justice, but for the grieving families of those brave people who were outnumbered and outgunned, yet held their position for seven hours [F. Brown states it was 20 hours]; never to see the US cavalry appear over the hill.

Yet, John Boehner is protecting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by thwarting any attempt to investigate and allow a vote on House Resolution 36 that would create a committee to investigate the Benghazi murders.


Floyd Brown at Capitol Hill Daily says:

He’s trying his best to work closely with Barack Obama, and doesn’t want the truth about Obama’s foreign policy disasters to get in the way of their relationship. Boehner would rather the truth seekers shut up and keep their opinions to themselves.

But the evidence, thus far, clearly points out that this is not a matter of opinion; but purposeful declination of performing the duties of the executive branch and the Secretary of State – and if not, at the least, incompetency. Over and over, President Obama has demonstrated his ineptness at foreign policy, choosing to be an apologist and negotiate with terrorists rather than take a firm stand.

Meanwhile, because wounded Benghazi personnel, like David Ubben, are intimidated and prevented from testifying as to the truth of what happened in Benghazi, still recovering from wounds received from mortar fire that killed Navy SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

A coverup was clearly evident when the initial response from the White House and the Secretary of State was that the attack was not a terrorist attack but outraged Muslims who were upset about some obscure YouTube video – the creator becoming the scapegoat for a corrupt federal government. Indeed, he is a political prisoner; because he was exercising the First Amendment by producing and displaying that video on the Internet. The media, always touting the First Amendment, did not report that the creator of that video was not afforded his rights and liberties prescribed in the Bill of Rights.

And what were questions asked by the media to any whistle-blowers or those who demanded an investigation?

Is it true you hate President Obama because he is black?

My response to that is plain and forthright: Is it true that because Obama is black, well at least half black, that he cannot be questioned about issues concerning national security, corruption among his staff, departments and agencies, or his unconstitutional executive orders?

BH Obama and friends certainly used the proverbial race card when he made derogatory [some truthful, mostly made up] statements against GW Bush in the 2008 election campaign. Was he and others saying those things because Bush is ‘white’?

One of the duties of Congress is conducting oversight and that responsibility also falls upon the media.

When are Americans going to hit the streets, send a fax, or make a phone call to complain about this outrage? More outrage was demonstrated by both the media [who egged it on] and the racial lynch mob concerning the death of Trayvon Martin.

Embassies have been shut down in the Middle East region because of possible threats against personnel there and the embassy itself. It is the duty of EVERY nation to protect foreign embassies, for they are diplomats, not military posts or strongholds. Any nation that threatens our diplomatic corps and the property where they work, should be warned that the United States will pull all personnel from those embassies and shut down any diplomatic relations. In reality, according to international law, it would be justification to declare war when non-combatant, diplomatic personnel, are threatened without proper protection by authorities of that nation.

Imagine if Americans stormed an embassy of a foreign nation here in the United States?

In 1941, the Japanese diplomat was in Washington when the dastardly sneak attack on Pearl Harbor took place. Despite the desire to arrest or shoot him on the spot, the United States, true to their obligation to diplomatic immunity, escorted the Japanese diplomat to a plane with his staff and told to return to Japan. This code of conduct must be honored by ALL nations.

Indications of why Obama and staff involved did nothing to aid those at Benghazi may be the answer to their inaction – there was a late night meeting concerning undercover arms negotiations with Turkey concerning Syrian rebels.

From the Vietnam War to Benghazi, it is examples of why our federal government should heed George Washington’s warnings about getting too involved with foreign civil strife. It is time to no longer send our military forces to fight other national or organizational wars. It is time to only react in self-defense, like those personnel in Benghazi.

Ron Paul has been sending this message since 1984 – and continued to do so in the presidential campaign of 2012 – but the GOP establishment would have nothing to do with him, choosing their poster boy, Mitt Romney instead. Romney represents Big Government, continuation of the Federal Reserve system and its accompanying income tax system that plagues the People of the United States and has been instrumental in continued growth of federal corruption and economic decline of the United States. Romney was the lesser evil, but still represented the established evil that has gained power of OUR government. He does not have the background of coercion, criminal activities, and guilt by association [see latest how Obama wants Americans to be condemned via guilt through association] – applying the mentality: Don’t do as I do, Do as I say.

How much is it going to take until the majority of Americans finally yell: Enough!

Politicians know that Americans, in general, have a short memory – so they create or pinpoint upon an issue in order to detract from a serious one.

Politicians know that a growing number of Americans falsely believe that they cannot fight against such imbedded corruption.

Those politicians, whatever political club they belong to, do not deserve YOUR loyalty – nor do they deserve to remain in Washington.

Do something to save our republic.

Benghazi, IRS corruption, and ObamaCare cannot be ignored.

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