The Will of the People and the Strength of Our Constitution

President BH Obama spoke at the Disabled American Veteransconvention in Orlando, Florida – who invited him is beyond my imagination. He used the moment to put the blame on condition in the United States upon Congress this time instead of GW Bush. The news wire reported that to the applause of hundreds he stated:

It’s hurting our military. I made it clear that your veteran’s benefits are exempt from this year’s sequester. But I want to tell you going forward the best way to protect the VA care you have earned is to get rid of this sequester altogether. We’ve got these reckless, across-the-board budget cuts called the sequester that are hitting a lot of folks hard. Congress needs to come together and agree on a responsible plan that reduces our deficit and keeps our promises to our veterans and keeps our promises to future generations.

Those promises have nothing to do with the sequester. Veterans have been refused benefits and Congress has found ways, without oversight by this president or the previous two presidents – finding some way out of their obligation to veterans who have fought other nation’s wars – sent by the president and condoned by Congress.

Cuts are made for domestic programs, like the VA, yet millions and billions of US dollars in funding and weaponry is being sent to other nations and its people – like the Muslim Brotherhood, clearly an enemy of all free nations and especially America.

Welfare and welfare fraud has increased under this executive administration, as well as other scandals that cost taxpayer dollars and jeopardizes the freedom and liberties of We the People.

The only “Change” that Obama has made is to make matters worse, with a debt that is double in his first four-year term than Bush and Congress spent in eight years. The Obama administration is riddled with more corruption and scandals than the Clinton administration, including his impeachment hearings. This president did more against ethical and constitutional responsibilities than GW Bush or Bill Clinton did combined in their two-term administrations.

Obama chastised Bush for sending Americans to fight other peoples’ wars – but he has continued the tradition that started after World War II. The Korean War and the Persian Gulf War [Liberation of Kuwait] were the only conflicts that had a positive outcome, the former ending in a permanent truce and the latter in victory sending Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard running back to Baghdad in the Liberation of Kuwait.

The American people are growing tired of sending their sons and daughters in harm’s way for other country’s conflicts – and seeing their tax dollars gobbled up and national debt grow providing foreign aid to nation’s and nationals that has no business with the interests of the United States. This was evident when so many more American voters supported Ron Paul in presidential election of 2012.

Our national defense should forever remain strong with tried and proven tactics and strategies, as well as top-of-the-line high-tech equipment; but foreign wars not started by a physical attack of the United States should no longer require our involvement with military and tax dollars.

Trade and resource interests should only be our concern when it comes to foreign affairs.

Our government has wasted billions of dollars and lives trying to ‘stabilize’ the Middle and Near East for decades with no positive results. Instead of worrying about oil control in foreign regions, we should have already established ourselves to be self-sufficient with the bounty of resources we have here in the United States and its territories.

The government justifies spending tax dollars and putting our military into harm’s way to protect the borders of other nations; while they turn their heads to the ongoing invasion occurring on our southern border and 30+ Islamic militant training camps scattered across the United States; as well as subversive organizations and elements still operating within our infrastructure with the blessing of the politically correct morons the majority of voters continually elect.

We will never see reform or return to economic progress and the greatness of the United States by performing the same policies and actions that created those problems.

The blame is always placed other than where it belongs.

If We the People have made the permanent decision to remain ‘sheeple’ believing false promises given by political prostitutes and entities of special interests – we will see ourselves crumble into decay and corruption as we have seen occurring in Detroit, Michigan and the state of California now aptly named ‘Mexifornia‘. California was once the fifth wealthiest state in the world. Today it crumbles under the weight of the welfare state and affording uninvited people who are not citizens the privileges only to be given by US legal citizens.

The decay of the United States has not occurred because of only one problem, but a series of many that will take from five to ten years if We the People get those that operate OUR government on track to true reformation to where the Founders worked so hard to create.

The Founders and our Constitution with its Bill of Rights is what made this nation great, along with the tradition of hard work and individual freedom; not ‘big’ government policies and false promises. Our greatness did not occur because of government, but despite our government that gradually deterred from constitutional law.

The road towards reformation and the return to greatness must begin with major issues:

  • Repeal the 16th Amendment and remove/replace the income tax system – especially the corrupt and powerful IRS.
  • Work toward self-sufficient and self-dependency when it comes to so-called fossil fuel; and at the same time a viable and sensible program toward alternate energies minus the stupid regulations that stymy those improvements. We should not be buying other nations’ oil, we should be exporting surplus produced HERE in the US.
  • Take federal control out of our education system and start teaching children, the citizens of the future, what they need to know about keeping their freedom that the framers of the US Constitution intended and what they need to know to become responsible citizens and productive individuals which will benefit the nation.
  • Insist upon term limits for members of Congress, just as the executive office of the President of the United States. No more taxpayer provided retirement programs for elected officials and salary increases for congressional members should only pass by a two-thirds majority vote. When Congress passes legislation that concerns the lives of the People, like Obamacare, they should never be excluded from its consequences. What is good for the people, according to them, must be also good for those who operate OUR government.

None of these actions and other concerns will take place without the will of the People insisting that those elected or who wish to be elected must follow the Constitution and be loyal to the People, not political clubs and special interest groups who wave the carrot of corruption and paybacks in front of them. The lobbyist system was designed for a good purpose, but that purpose is lost amongst the ‘business as usual’ atmosphere in Washington, DC and state government seats.

Insist that media become the eyes and ears of the People and not the mouth of politicians and wealthy special interest groups. If the media sees it is losing money because of the People’s disfavor with their non-objective and manipulating news reporting – they will see the light. The same goes with the Hollywood set who use their fame and fortunes to persuade that the traditions and that which the Founders created are null and void because of ‘progress’. They are not only delusional, but dangerous. When people stop paying to view their films – Hollywood will reform itself, or pass into history.

If you can see that it is We the People who have the power, than you know what to do; we are beyond the finger-pointing stage and need to take positive action that is different from the progressive and repetition of continued failure. And if you think you are not capable of understanding constitutional law in order to protect it and our rights/liberties, do not be intimidated – Abraham Lincoln rose from an illiterate young lad who was self taught, passed the lawyer’s bar exam and became the President of the United States. You can do it, whether you live on a farm in rural America or the slums of cities. It just takes some work and determination and building of character that creates and maintains success.

The United States has not been traditionally called the ‘Land of Opportunity’ for naught – it is because of the character and proven traditions of its people; and it is the People that make a nation, not the government operated by those who are from among the People and whose purpose is to serve the People and not the other way around.

Let’s return the greatness of the United States and become the role model for a constitutional republic that we once were – for the rest of the world to emulate. The United States did not decline because of our Constitution, but declined because we failed to adhere to its limitations of power of our government – those we have foolishly chosen to lead and operate OUR government for the interests of the United States being the gist of its responsibilities.

Save the Republic before it is beyond saving. If not for your sake, but for the sake of your children who must continue the chain of responsibility of keeping a watchful eye upon our Constitution and its amendments.