George Washington and Ron Paul Are Correct: No More US Involvement in Foreign Conflict

Joseph Klein at FrontPage Mag explains why the United States, especially Muslim butt-kissing Obama needs to stay out of foreign affairs concerning internal strife, except in diplomacy. He wrote:

President Obama’s misguided attempt to bend Egyptian political affairs in the Muslim Brotherhood’s favor is unraveling the carefully nurtured military and economic alliance between the United States and Egypt, which has served for decades to stabilize that vital part of the Middle East. First, after throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus, the Obama administration did everything it could to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as a worthy organization committed to democratic principles of governance. The United States was seen by many secular Egyptians, including those who spearheaded the original revolution that led to Mubarak’s overthrow, as helping to unfairly tip the scales in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a history of violence and a doctrine filled with hate for those who are not Muslim, and ‘strict’ Islamists. They have infiltrated the infrastructure of the United States and while Christians are persecuted for publicly displaying their beliefs in the name of ‘separating the church from the state‘ – Islam has a free reign in the United States. After the 9-11 attack in 2001, they had the audacity to plan to build a huge mosque complex not far from Ground Zero and have built Islamic centers around the nation, to include Islamic fascist training camps, unheeded and even protected by the “law”. The liberal progressive only invokes or enforces the law when it suits their agenda. They have allowed the Mexican drug cartel to gain a foothold in American cities because they cannot, will not enforce immigration laws and secure our border by a fence promised to be built, approved by Congress in order to further secure our southern border from invasion. Not all those who come uninvited are Mexicans, although the majority of illegal aliens are Mexican nations.

The charade continues as Secretary of State, John Kerry made the ignorant statement that Egypt’s army was restoring democracy.

Of course, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who visited Cairo last week, played their part as RINOs, who delivered an ultimatum:

…either to release Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders from detention and to bring Muslim Brotherhood representatives into the new government, or face a cut-off of all U.S. Military and financial aid to Egypt. The White House denies that the senators were acting directly on behalf of President Obama, but it is unlikely they would have been so blunt without the president’s blessing.

Which brings us back to constitutionality – It is not the business of Congress to conduct affairs of diplomacy [foreign affairs belongs to the executive branch within the offices of the Secretary of State]; although the Senate approves treaties and appointments by the executive office.

The Egyptian cabinet immediately complained of insult and a threat to Egypt’s sovereignty – and they are correct.

Obama has made a mess of foreign affairs from day one, another example of how important it is to choose presidents carefully; and choose one who has more experience than being a community organizer and Chicago socialist lawyer.

Throughout his political career, Obama has been accused of being a closet Muslim; but it is evident that he is partial to Islamic organizations in the way he appeases instead of steps out against Islamic fascism. Obama and friends have legitimized and encouraged the jihadist movement that created al Qaeda and Hamas. Openly Islamic jihadists declare their agenda – global conquest and the establishment of the Islamic caliphate governed by sharia law. They cannot help but see this, so it is safe to assume they favor their agenda because a blind person could only not see that we are heading to the path that nations of Europe have already established – capitulation to immigrants whose purpose is not to seek a better life, but to be part of the Islamic conquest.

From a sermon of Mohamed Badie in September 2010:

According to the Islamic shari’a that Allah has bequeathed to mankind, the status of the Muslims, compared to that of the infidel nations that arrogantly disdain his shari’a, is measured in a kind of scale, in which, when one side is in a state of superiority, the other is in a state of inferiority … Resistance is the only solution against the Zio-American arrogance and tyranny … The U.S. Is now experiencing the beginning of its end, and is heading towards its demise.

That is the true face of Islam – jihad and spreading the word of Allah by sword. Obama and friends choose to ignore this prophecy of destruction; leaving sane people with perplexing thoughts and questions concerning the future of the United States.

Freedom of religion in the United States is part of constitutional law; however, it does not protect any religion that breeds hatred and no tolerance towards other religions [and at same time demanding tolerance from others] – or whose doctrine is violence and conquest, rather than living peacefully amongst people of other religions respecting their freedom as they could expect respect in return. Respect is not achieved by waiving a magical wand or using violence and threats to gain – it is earned. In general, Islam has not earned the respect of any infidel around the world; and the numbers of ‘fanatics’ outnumber those who actually attempt to live in peace and harmony with people of other religions.

The blanket of freedom and liberty covers many areas in the United States, but tolerance and appeasement of any organization or religion that promotes violence, and whose doctrine is hatred and inequality – enslavement of the masses; than our tolerance and their freedom of religion is void – not belonging in our constitutional republic.

How ironic that the political party [and supporting RINOs] whose demagogue by the name of FDR put people in internment camps because of their ethnicity are the same political whores who are selling out the sovereignty of the United States and the rights and liberties of its citizens [legal].

We the People are heading for a precipice that seems to be no escape, and those who wake up in time are being pushed off by those who are blinded by indoctrination and ignorance.

This administration, to include Hillary Rodham Clinton who dreams of being the first female president, have a habit of throwing people under the bus – when they are no longer useful or not part of their agenda. It is time to rid Washington, DC of their ilk, to include RINOs like McCain and Lindsey. With elections in 2014 and 2016, this is possible; however, there is more than enough evidence to begin impeachment proceedings against BH Obama and probably his partner in crime, Joe Biden. Problem is, We the People must ensure that Congress is rid of RINOs and socialists and ensure that in 2014 more constitutionalists are elected with the backbone to carry out necessary investigative committees and insist upon impeachment hearings. The US Supreme Court justices should be included in the legislative purge.

Save the Republic and demand that those who are destroying our sovereignty and dissolving our rights and liberties must be sent back to the private sector where they belong.


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