Passing Thoughts: August 15th 2013

Save the RepublicThe major difference between liberals and conservatives is that the former does not form a line as to how far they will go. A conservative draws a proverbial line.

Liberals have gone so far, in their quest for rule by the mob and the established elite that they have progressed from their version of democracy that John Adams and other founders of the republic known as the United States that they have called themselves progressives, which is a nothing more than American-style socialism, a social experiment that evolved into communism, which saddled with Nazism [national socialism] and theocratic totalitarianism is a system where the established elite that operates the government becomes no better than feudalism where the people become serfs, a definitive form of oppression and slavery. All of which was denounced in the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Conservatives in the United States have also not drawn a definitive line and when they obtain the political majority on Capitol Hill and in state government; they waste the opportunity to reform and maintain the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, which was the key element that made our nation the greatest on earth, and indeed, the history of civilization.

In the quest to engineer society and a twisted perception of what freedom is, the people have allowed those who operate our government to control our lives because of their naïve belief in the false security promised by politicians who have formed powerful groups that are, in turn, supported by globalists whose vision of a world government powered by financial moguls who are not naïve but inherently evil in their quest for financial power over governments and nations.

Therefore, the only way to maintain what was created by 56 men in the late 1700s in a period of history known as Enlightened Age, is for the People to accept the responsibility of freedom and liberties prescribed in that constitution, protecting it against the ignorant and the wiles of evil power; passing the importance of that heritage from generation to generation.

When a society becomes corrupt and liberal with no lines drawn or ethical guidelines of values, civic or moral, than there can be no great statesmen and stateswomen to operate the government designed For the People and By the People. Those that we elect to operate our government come from among us, society, and if that society chooses to be ignorant via indoctrination because they send their children to government-controlled schools and believes, for whatever naïve or insane reason, that values and the golden rule is passe’ – “old school” and no longer applies in an age where their children only thinks the way government wants to them think.

If you want to reveal where the fall of the greatness of the United States occurred, look in the mirror. The reflection you see is a key part in making real changes in both society and our government and not by dictating to everyone else how they must live, but become society’s role models for others to emulate and raising children to be polite, yet not afraid to speak up against tyranny and evil; ask questions and seek truthful answers, and above all hold integrity, honesty, and other virtues as good character, which is the true measure of a person beyond their physical appearance and ethnic background.

If the United States is going to return to greatness, it will not be done by a society dependent upon the power of government, but individualism unified by character and family values, cherishing its traditions and heritages despite ancestry being from somewhere else or believing in a specific religious philosophy.

We the People can do great things again if we limit the government that discourages individualism and self-imposing authority.

Save the Republic before it is too late.