Regulatory Nightmare: Federal and State Governments – and Where is the Outrage?

President Obama in 2010 announced:

Where Congress won’t act, I will.

A clear indication that he may talk about the Constitution and profess to be an ‘expert’ – but he clearly will not abide by its articles if it does not suit his political agenda and personal desires.

An over-sized regulatory government has been progressively in the works within the federal government, as well as some state governments – and it is not necessarily just the fault of the Democrat political faction. Alexis de Tocqueville who traveled from France to the United States to study its unique form of democracy and wrote a book on his findings, wrote:

In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve.

While there are still Americans who believe that the gist of the woes of Big Government developed within the federal system is because the Constitution was not adhered to when it came to limitations of government; clearly defined in the articles of the US Constitution – American society is the foundation of why this has occurred. If one examines further, this phenomenon occurred when the federal government gained total control over our educational system. Our children have progressively become indoctrinated, not taught what they need to know to become productive citizens and innovative inventors and thinkers of tomorrow; but instead only what the central and some state governments want them to know or how they should think. This does not stimulate new ideas and discourages innovation and intellectual discussions toward solutions to questions and problems. Instead, the federal government has pushed the “dumb down” method, thereby slipping the ranking of the US educational system farther and farther behind other nations’ educational systems. Nations that promote socialism or communism cannot produce students with innovative ideas because they are thwarted by government doctrine. Those that operate our government and have infiltrated our educational and political system are narrowing options and discouraging/forbidding freedom of choice. The educational system is no longer focused upon the student, the reason why it exists, but instead focused upon mandates by trade unions, progressives in charge of publishing textbooks, and politically correct mentality when it comes to school curriculum.

So much money has been spent upon administration and faculty and other areas that does not produce successful graduates that there is no money for classic studies that rounds out the knowledge of students and other important ares of learning in order to be successful after graduation. Unemployment also hurts graduates who find after all the money spent, time and effort; the career they seek is not available because of a weak economy caused by an over-regulated society by a government who does not exercise constitutional limitations. Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court’s justices do not decide according to constitutional law, but instead by political arenas and using foreign laws as guidelines in their decisions.

BH Obama did not initiate big government regulatory nightmares, but he certainly has pushed it further than any other president in US history; and this will not end when another president is elected – not without constitutionally minded congressional members in place.

Federal regulations have become outdated and Congress does not address those problems and makes the mistake of not changing how they operate; despite a clear indication that what has been done is not working. Yet, they busily set out making new federal rules believing that regulation will set things right; having the mindset that the quantity of legislation favors quality.

George Mason University, at the Mercatus Center collected data and researched the Code of Federal Regulations, where all rules and regulations are archived. It grew from 71,224 pages in 1975 to 174,545 in 2012. Despite constant failure, the federal government, operated by those the People voted in office and support, has come to think they can regulate everything – including natural fluctuations of weather and climate.

Slowly disappearing into the pages of history is the check-and-balance system that made our form of government unique among other forms throughout human history. The executive branch headed by the President of the United States has been given [allowed] power that is clearly not within the articles of the US Constitution; and those that object or unite to stop this erosion, like the Tea Party movement are deemed ‘enemies of the state’ and, in recent revelations, shows that those in the executive branch are using the unconstitutional powers given to federal agencies and departments against those who object to an unconstitutional government. The entity that has deemed itself the ‘political right’ does not adhere to constitutional law and along with political opponents undermine those articles and amendments by declaring that they must compromise in order to get things done in Washington, DC. There can be no compromise when it comes to the articles of the US Constitution – and they have convinced themselves [and the People] that it is necessary.

According to The Hill:

A Gallop poll earlier this year found that 82 percent of Americans either believe the government is doing the right amount or needs to do more to protect the environment, while two-thirds say they would support stricter standards for food sold in public schools.

There is a problem when government mandates what people can eat and cannot eat and indoctrinate an entire generation into what those who operate our government deem to be correct for society to follow. Yet, society dictates how far government can go by how much they tolerate. This means that in order to reform our government, we need to encourage citizens to reeducate themselves and insist upon standards of conduct, ethics, and constitutional law to be applied by those they vote to operate their government. Too many Americans remain apathetic to the idea that while they tell themselves that they wish not to involve themselves in politics, those they elected are legislating away their freedom and liberty that the Founders worked so hard to put on paper for all succeeding generations to follow and protect.

But, as Ben Goad and Julian Hattem wrote at RegWatch, The Hill:

the process of getting rid of regulations is easier said than done, experts say. “Once a regulation is in place, there are some groups that benefit from it, and they will fight hard not to have those benefits taken away,” Dudley said. [Susan Dudley, director of George Washington University, Regulatory Studies Center] … The fight over executive power is increasingly pitting the three branches of government against each other, with Congress and the judiciary struggling to assert power over officials with broad discretion to issue rules.

By just reforming a few regulatory mandates, the federal government would save almost $10 billion. Instead, the quantity of federal regulations is increasing at a quickening pace.

The Hill:

…Obama’s first three years in office, the Code of Federal Regulations increased by 7.4 percent, according to date complied by the Chamber of Commerce. In comparison, the regulatory code grew by 4.4 percent during Bush’s first term. Much of the activity can be attributed to two sweeping pieces of legislation: Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

Nancy Pelosi, in her delusional [and unbelievable] statement, said, unconsciously stated what the general atmosphere in Washington these days are, in discussing Obamacare:

…But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.

Indeed, most of Congress did not read it, obviously, and President Obama, who made it his key issue and fetish, probably did not read it entirely. That is the problem with overly long and complicated bills – pieced together to accumulate too many pages, and congressional members don’t take the time to dissect it in overview.

Despite all the absurd ideas and statements that Pelosi has had, people in her state [California] kept reelecting her.

When it comes to legislation, two important things do not occur: (1) what the long-term impact it will create; and (2) can it be misused and is it constitutional?

Legislators hurry bills through for political gain, and sometimes hurry it before someone notices what is actually in it.

The saddest thing to hear from fellow Americans is that they do not care about voting anymore because their vote doesn’t count. Yet, with increasing reports and evidence of voter fraud, those who want reform to stop it are deemed ‘racist’. Nowadays, anything that is against the progressive agenda is ‘racist’. Hillary Clinton recently stated that voter fraud is a myth coming from opponents of progressive America. Her actual description was a phantom epidemic. Like her statement concerning the death of ambassador Stevens and the Navy SEALS – What difference does it make? – her neglect to protect those serving the State Department is clearly obvious; yet, no charges have been brought against her. Denial and changing the subject or redirecting accusations is one of the tools of progressives like Clinton does. Nothing will stand in Hillary Clinton’s goal to be the first woman President of the United States, like nothing stood in her way in the various scandals since her husband was governor. In the case of voter fraud allegations and evidence, the Democrats immediately used the race card to quiet demand for voter ID. Meanwhile, dead people are voting, people are voting more than once, and illegal immigrants are voting for officials that will ignore immigration laws and set aside national security for political gain – on both sides of the political aisle.

One of the ways to remove the ‘business as usual’ and ‘good old boy’ attitudes in Washington is to demand that senators and representatives, especially the former, have limited terms in office – just as the executive office by constitutional amendment.

The government By the People and For the People will disappear if American society does not reform itself. The rule of thumb is Rule of Law, not by elite or the mob; and it was the constitutional form of republic that made the United States great, not progressive socialism and big government.


Mentioning the ‘race card’ – Chris Lane, 22 years old, a student from Australia attending college in Oklahoma is killed by three black teens with the motive they were going to “kill somebody”. The Trayvon Martin case was blown wide open nationally – Where is the outrage here? Trayvon Martin was killed in a scuffle – this case is truly murder with no sane cause. Where are the racial lynch mobbers? [not that they should interfere with legal justice] The national media picked it up three to five hours ago – so where is the hype received when Trayvon Martin’s death hit the wire? Of course, some are already blaming firearms for the murder. All three were under the age of 18 – Where did they obtain firearms? Apparently the draconian gun control laws are not working – these teens obtain guns despite being underage. It goes to show you that criminals will get guns if government bans all guns from the hands of lawful citizens.