Dysfunctional Insanity Continues with No Relief in Sight


After a congressional assessment of the southern border of the United States, security is still lacking despite congressional approval of a reinforced and new security fencing along the border has failed to be built as agreed during the Bush administration. With Obama’s ridiculous policies, like the DREAM Act, enforced despite congressional disapproval, more illegals are encouraged to cross the border, especially when they find out about Obamacare. Obama and friends in Congress have provided immunity to federal employees  and themselves when it comes to the workings of Obamacare [Affordable Health Care Act], after finding out that their national health care program will cost a lot and do nothing they promised it would. Obamacare will be available to illegal immigrants who are exempt from fines and foreign nationals at taxpayer expense. The DHS, under the leadership of Janet Napolitano, [she stated 2010 DREAM Act had strong bipartisan support] – she should have resigned three years ago. Americans were assured that the border is more secure than ever before. Lies. The White House and DHS has revealed they have a plan in the form of a three-tier system in cooperation of Mexico in boosting security on US border and extending more than 100 miles north of Mexico’s border with Guatemala and Belize. The object is to curb human trafficking and drug running.

It is like closing the stable doors after the horses have escaped. The drug cartel is already in the US and operating in most of our major cities, in some cases extended to surrounding neighborhoods. Gang-controlled neighborhoods still exist and illegal immigrant havens created by states who ignored immigration laws in the name of benevolence and tolerance; mostly worried about being considered racist if they enforced the law. Like his compatriot Democrats, he wants to please Mexican invaders.

Reuters … An analysis of the Syria situation shows that if the US attacks Syria, there will be retaliatory attacks and cyber-war. The person who is now president condemned the Bush administration about involvement in Iraq and as a senator voted against pursuit of Saddam Hussein and the invasion resulting in the fall of his ruthless regime. Where is Code Pink, who infamously demonstrated violently and harassed Condoleezza Rice? Where are the peace marchers? Where is the outrage that the president who allowed an ambassador and Navy SEALS to be killed and has used drones to assassinate enemies of US, now wants to attack a country who used WMDs chemical leftovers spirited out of Iraq and into Syria before the invasion of Iraq?

When GHW Bush [senior] decided to respond to the invasion of Kuwait, he made sure he had allies and a regional coalition, as well as congressional approval. Obama is planning an attack, but the details and objectives are hazy as his “transparent” administration.

Not long after swearing-in as president in 2008, Obama miraculously was selected and received the Nobel Peace Prize, how or why is anybody’s guess.

Egypt has been a center of civilization, once the most advanced, for a long period of human history. It was once the center of the largest library ever built, and thanks to efforts of contributors and the Egyptian government, the Library of Alexandria has reincarnated from the ashes caused by the conquest of barbarians and religious zealots. Now it is war-torn and divided thanks to US intervention and Obama siding with the founders of Islamic fanatics, the Muslim Brotherhood. Once as friendly as an Islamic nation could be, it has now turned against the US – thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. What can one expect from a president whose credentials were community organizer and Chicago political machine poster boy? People warned fellow Americans, but they were determined to have the first ‘black’ president, no matter who it was.

Is all of this a means to occupy Americans [and Congress] so they will forget Benghazi? Bush would have certainly been accused of that.

We were assured that al Qaeda was defanged … but truth always prevails. Obama and friends all thought al Qaeda was through, well at least they convinced Americans they were just because Osama bin Laden was dead.

Obama’s intention to commit acts of war against Syria is not supported by the UN, Congress, or Russia [supposedly a new ally according to Obama].

Meanwhile, China is preparing for war in cyberspace and outer space.

The United States has a grim track record in that it leaves its citizens behind after demanding they fight other nation’s wars. From American POWs in Korean War to the soldier still held after four years by Islamic fascists in Afghanistan [or Pakistan, unsure of location].

With Hagel in charge of DOD, this administration has to be the most dysfunctional and corrupt in US history. Hagel’s hypocrisy is when he recently stated to media [Reuters] … I think the world has had enough war.

So why is Obama preparing to attack Syria, Mr. Hagel?

With Syria stewing into trouble, using chemicals most likely originating from Saddam Hussein’s arsenal that the Democrats insist never existed, Hagel is hanging out in Asia. It’s the same for the Secretary of State, John “Swift Boat” Kerry, tutored by Senator Kennedy and groomed for politics, who sail boards while the Middle East is in chaos. The former Secretary of State actually has the gall to think she will run and win the presidency in 2016. Maybe she will if enough dead people, illegal aliens, Black Panther and Union thugs, and multiple voters visit the voting places.

Obama is not worried, he and family take yet another vacation at Martha’s Vineyard playground of the rich and famous, this time using expensive aircraft to ensure the family dog attends, and Obama does what he does best – plays golf.

Recently there was a celebration of the anniversary of the MLK march on Washington complete with US flag desecrated with a likeness of our glorious leader in the blue field where fifty stars are supposed to be; yet no march on Washington over the transgressions of this federal executive administration that pisses on the Constitution, declares, like the Wizard of Oz … pay no attention to that man behind the curtain when it comes to revelations of political, legal, and ethical wrong doing.

I guess it is right – ‘the people get the government they deserve’ [vote for]; unfortunately the rest of us must also suffer the consequences. After all, it is all Bush’s fault and those in Congress who are not playing the Obama games.

And is it not time for the People to demand that Congress and feds play by the same rules expected of the unwashed mass because of their irresponsible legislation that never works as well as they say it does?

Before our government can come close to initiating true reform, We the People must reform ourselves and reeducated ourselves in the knowledge of Constitutional law and demand that those who serve in government know it as well, and most importantly, abide by their oaths of office. This dysfunction must end.