State of Our Union: No Sunlight Appearing Amongst the Clouds

The Constitution of the United States is an awesome piece of work. However, it is a shame they did not include term limits for the legislative branch of government, like an amendment has done for the office of the President of the United States. But in serving two terms, even that limited term can be dangerous, as the person occupying the White House has demonstrated during his time in Washington. A lot of damage can be done in eight years, and much damage had been done before the first year ended in the Obama administration.

The Founders knew that the longer politicians hold power, the more chance corruption takes over. Those elected to Congress were meant to be people who left their private sector careers in order to hold office and to serve the People; not the other way around.

Even the Founders were not career politicians, although they could easily have been. George Washington was asked to stay for life, but he refused and retired to his beloved farm. Thomas Jefferson, among several other talents, was a lawyer, leaving office and founding the University of Virginia as its first president. James Madison was a tobacco farmer. They felt that participation in government was a civic duty, not an opportunity to increase their wealth and civic power.

It is insane that there is any debate over whether or not to limit terms and the major problem against adding that to the amendments is that it must get through Congress – the entity that it will affect. The longer senators remain in Washington, the longer the “good old boy” system will last and, as we can see in recent history it promotes graft, corruption, and scandals. Senators and representatives should only be allowed to serve one term and allowed to serve again after a period of at least two years between terms. It wouldn’t be long before the good old boys would disappear from Washington. Career politicians have been the major cause of the complex and enormous bureaucracy we have in government today, specifically the federal government.

How many times have you seen at the voting places on the ballot where no one ran against an elected official? In those cases it is easy for a representative or a senator to just continue business as usual in Washington.

One would think that seasoned politicians would be beneficial, but record shows differently.

Legislation and programs have advance the careers of these professional legislative prostitutes.

A good example is the Common Core Standards issue. States were begging for help by the feds in order to keep up cost of education; so the feds helped out and provided a price to pay – agreement to stand by the Common Core Standards initiative – and before it became effective.

The feds lied by stating that the Common Core would put education back into the hands of the state, but apparently no one read between the lines or asked what it entails; much like voters didn’t ask just what “Change” Obama had in mind. It was a ruse in order to get states to comply, like Obamacare.

Warning to conservative/constitutionalist voters: Jeb Bush is traveling around promoting the Common Core initiative, showing his true colors as a RINO, like John McCain plainly has done. Jeb attended a private meeting with Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, and Michael Bloomberg – all representative of the wealth in US. They all support the Common Core program. The program allegedly will raise educational standards of the US, which has fallen drastically behind global standards. It was initiated by corporate interests and politicians, not educators – if that gives you a picture of how well it will work. The US has fallen behind other nations in educational standards, yet spends more on education. Doesn’t that ring the warning bell?

The English teachers are for the increase in teaching students classic education, becoming more aware of other cultures around the globe, more about the Founding documents as well as American literature, and Shakespeare. It seems that the Common Core program is not all bad; but the key question is will it prepare students for college, tech and trade schools, and dealing with adult life in the private sector?

The best way to change a political system and control the “mob” – People – is to indoctrinate the children. It is what all the tyrants of history have done – and often successfully.

That is why states have been declaring that they should decide; yet they are stuck because any federal funding requires states to play by federal government rules. Thus the reason why private and home schooling is discouraged. Children spend more time at school than they do at home with parents, and parents have looked upon schools as a means to get the kids out of the house – more or less a child-care institution. The attitude has developed that schools are responsible for discipline of children, and we can all see how well common values and ethics are taught in that vein.

Just as people, children, criminals or whoever are not held accountable; apparently neither is the President of the United States – unless that person is not a Democrat.

The “open and honest” government Barack H. Obama promised in 2008 is nonexistent. All the negativity and accusations against the Bush administration has been duplicated and expanded to make things worse rather than better.

Last week the Justice Department released details of its case against John C. Beale. He was charged with stealing $900,000 from US government via his Office of Air and Radiation Department at the EPA. Gina McCarthy was his supervisor who was not held responsible for Beale’s actions, so much so she was made head of the EPA by Obama recently. Her first statement was to vow to act on climate change, much to the delight of Obama and other pinheads that waste taxpayer funding on nonsensical ventures. McCarthy is the one who sent emails under a pseudo – “Richard Windsor”. She was in the thick of the scandals concerning the EPA. It is getting difficult to keep track of the scandals that Obama and friends claim is non-existent, “myths” made up to make Obama look bad. Folks, one could not make up the stuff that is going on in Washington. Truth is more frightening than fiction.

With all of this scandalous history of the Obama administration, especially Benghazi incident still hanging in the air with people hoping it will go away – no articles of impeachment have been established, Eric Holder still has his job. The Obama administration hardly started when it was found out that the person he picked to be the Secretary of Treasury owed IRS money because he tried to cheat on his taxes. Yet, Obama was still reelected. True, his opponent was like picking the lesser evil, but couldn’t hold a candle to Obama’s incompetence and corruption. The IRS, as Ron Paul and others predicted has become a rogue agency that is like the Gestapo in its infancy. Like Obama, the IRS is still in place.

From the scam of the $825 billion stimulus bill, Operation Fast and Furious, Chrysler and GM bankruptcy where Obama and friends violated the bankruptcy law as well as the Fifth Amendment – screwing retired teachers and policemen out of their pension funds; the federal government has become a den of thieves.

GW Bush asked Congress permission to take out Saddam Hussein, and although voted for, the Democrats later claimed they were lied to because of missing WMDs. Obama never bothered to get congressional permission when he ordered military action in Libya. This morning, Obama made his case and stated he would not act against Syria until Congress approves. We will see.

Obama ordered four US citizens to be killed by drones without legal process. A loud cry came from Congress about violating the US Constitution – but nothing happened.

How could anyone expect anything different from a person who was groomed and supported by the most corrupt political entity in the United States? What could they expect from a person whose qualifications of being a president was community organizer and a brief period in Congress, of which he was often not present.

It goes on, but no articles of impeachment have been brought forth. No outrage and outcry from the populace demanding that their senators and representatives do something with this runaway, corrupt administration.

Apparently, it is because our government, those who serve in it, are a mirror of the society; and if so, the United States is in deep trouble.

So sad.


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