Wake Up Citizens: There Is No “Hope” for “Change”

Remember how, starting in 2007, BH Obama [and friends] promised that his healthcare plan would reduce $2,500 in their health insurance premiums? Just in case, here s a series of campaign propaganda video snips of Obama leading his push his [and associates in Congress] “Affordable” Health Care Act, a vast scam that has all the earmarks of a socialist scheme to nationalize healthcare and put the government in charge of your healthcare and other aspects of your life:

Here is a video of the reality of a healthcare plan that is about to be implemented, overseen by the Ways and Means Committee of Congress:

Obama supporters were warned prolifically in election year 2008 about his so-called “Change” scheme [providing little detail in just what change he had in mind], as well as documented proof that Obama is NOT what he makes himself appear to be. He is a supporter of Islam, ignoring the fundamentalist agenda of global domination through coercion and violence. He has, throughout his adult life been associated with socialists [his mother and her parents were communists], criminals, backed by the most corrupt political machine in US, former and present members of terrorist organizations, and produced a false document proving his birth in Hawaii instead of Kenya. This was all before Obama hand-picked his federal department and agency heads who most had already had a checkered and scandal-ridden career; and his unconstitutional acts through continual bypass of congressional authority.

So, where are the articles of impeachment? A book has been published to provide guidelines for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against the executive office and its civil officers – especially Eric Holder.

This man who promised open congress shuts down regular public briefings because he and his press secretary does not like to confront too many questions or face truthful accusations.

Is this not the earmark of a tyrant?

Is this the republic that the Founders and Framers of the Constitution of the United States created?

If you think not, then start calling, faxing, sending email to your representative and senator until they address the issue or until re-election time comes. First, We the People must educate ourselves in two ways: (1) know the Constitution and its amendments, and (2) know what your representative and senator is doing [or not doing]. Second, put any politician in Washington and your state government who do not tow the Constitutional line.

You need to wake up your fellow Americans to this crisis at hand; and not by angry confrontation, but instead, systematic presentation of the truth and as patiently as one can muster. It is difficult to convince those indoctrinated what is really happening in the United States when it comes to the federal [and some state] government. Mostly because they do not want to admit they have been fooled into thinking that those elected to operate our government can run our personal lives better than we can.

Ronald Reagan stated that the most frightening thing was to have someone in government approach you to offer their help. Their help has consistently been a failure and does not solve problems but instead create new ones.

Political clubs are not going to save America [Republican Party or Democrat Party]. Only YOU, part of We the People can initiate reform and force the “good old boy” attitude in Congress out of our government.

Save the Constitutional Republic. Save YOUR Republic. Save OUR Republic.

Wake up, I did.

Impeachment proceedings must begin to clean out the White House and the departments and agencies of the federal government. Elections 2014 should be used to begin cleaning out Congress.