US Foreign Policy: In One Word – Chaos

220px-PKK_MilitantSince the United States government, those operating it, allegedly For the People, feel the need to get involved with pick-and-choose foreign conflicts – it would be beneficial to have people who understand those foreign nation, its people, its culture and divided roots. The problem is that the record of choosing has always been the wrong choice, most often backfiring and creating an anti-American atmosphere with a growing list of enemies and allies growing distrustful of US intentions.

Muslims are killing each other, divided by religious factions along with Christians and Jews; and in Syria people of Kurdish territories – just as was seen in Iraq. Kurds have migrated all over the region because they do not have their own country. Originally they are people who come from a place known [and some geographic areas still named so on maps] as Kurdistan. It is a region that covers an area of eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and northeastern Syria – extending in the eastern Taurus mountain range and a small portion of Armenia. Like Israel, the Kurds have been trying to reestablish the nation-state of Kurdistan.

TSA InsanenessSince the medieval period in history, Kurdistan was a collection of semi-independent and independent states called emirates. Like the rugged mountain people of Afghanistan, the Kurds developed feudal states that are led by warlords. If they have not been fighting an outside source, they fight amongst themselves. This state of affairs remains unchanged throughout the centuries.

After the Gulf War ended, the United States and the coalition allies established a safe haven in northern Iraq and a resemblance of an independent Kurd state, Iraqi Kurdistan, developed after 1992 with its own government and parliament. In southeast Turkey, about 15-20 million Kurds occupy the region known as Turkish Kurdistan.

The Kurds are of Indo-European origin and their common language is known as Kurdish, a form of Iranian. The same applies to segments of Syria where Kurds have migrated and live in cities there. Wherever they migrate, their militant PKK and other violent factions follow them. PKK, Kurdistan Workers Party is a Marxist-Islamic organization that turns against the host nation they have adopted, for example in Turkey. Most of the violence in southeastern Turkey has occurred over the issue of the Kurds establishing an independent state out of territory belonging to Turkey. Violence reduced greatly after the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan in 1999. It was his leadership who moved the PKK from orthodox Marxism. Militant training camps have been dominated since 2008. The organization acquires arms and ammunition from Russia (71% to 85%), China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United States. The involvement of supplying arms to Kurds [PKK] has been primarily through Blackwater Worldwide Arms. Funding comes from legitimate [and illegitimate] businesses; but INTERPOL reported that Kurdish faction organizations were suspected in illegal drug trafficking. The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union, NATO, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Senate_Foreign_Relations_Committee_105While Secretary of State John Kerry insists that Syria and the United States are not in a state of war, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed a war resolution intended to be implemented in the customary 90 days. The Resolution passed 10-7. Senators voting against it were Rand Paul (R-KY), Ron Johnson (R-WI), John Barasso (R-WY), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Tom Udall (D-NM), Christopher Murphy (D-CT), and James Risch (D-ID).

Kerry and company are still blaming the chemical weapons attack on Assad; despite that Syrian rebel-terrorists have claimed they had possession of them, but some faction accidentally released them not knowing the blue-colored shells held chemical agents.

State of OUR Union: Illegal Immigration and US GovernmentRussia [Putin] has tried to convince Obama to stay out of the mess in Syria; and Russian scientists claim that they have evidence that rebel fighters are the ones in possession of and the use of chemical weapons. Yet, it is reported that a senior Israeli military official claims that Syrian forces have used chemical weapons against rebels more than once.

Bottom line is that the United States involves itself with foreign affairs when those who sanction war resolutions and other foreign affairs do not have a clue of just what is going on within that region. Indeed, it is confusing for people of that culture and geographical area to make any sense of it.

The Syrian rebels are factions of the same terrorist groups who have declared war and have committed atrocities and acts of war against the United States and other nations – primarily in the case of Egypt and Syria the Muslim Brotherhood.

The side that Obama has chosen to take has committed atrocities against Christians, Kurds, and other Islamic factions to the point of being all senseless acts of violence based upon factions scrambling for power in the midst of chaos. Obama and friends have shunned and insulted Israel that stands alone amidst the regional chaos; choosing partnerships with Israel’s enemies whose doctrine and policies is for the destruction of Israel and annihilation of Jews in general. This federal administration has a poor record in protecting Christians and Jews in Islamic nations, who hypocritically claim to be a religion of peace and that only a portion of Islam has become jihadists.

Obama File: Pictures Reveal Barack Obama's Record as PresidentThe federal government takes sides in this insane conflict, and yet has done nothing to breakup Islamic fascist organizations whose doctrine is jihadism, as well as destroying the numerous Islamic training camps scattered across the United States. The federal government claims that these organizations have broken no law and have constitutional rights; yet think nothing of confiscation of firearms from lawful citizens and organizing a movement to disarm American citizens. This same federal government has condemned constitutionalists, organizations like the Tea Party, dubbing them as subversive [and ‘racist’] when there are real subversive organizations like CAIR within a network of mosques and Latino racist organizations, i.e. La Raza.

Some say that the Obama administration has become so involved with the insanity in the Middle East in order to deter in focusing the corruption of the federal government as scandal after scandal is revealed. Maybe so, but US foreign policy has been aimed at interfering with other nations’ affairs for some time now, and with the national debt reaching astronomical numbers, the US can no longer afford to waste the funds. Syria is a disaster in progress among several disasters and missteps of this executive administration with the help of Congress.

Obama File: Don't Do As I Do, Do As I Say



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