State of Our Union: September 8th 2013

Mitt Romney‘s father, George Romney stated after touring Vietnam in 1965 that it was morally right and necessary to help South Vietnam in the fight against communist forces of North Vietnam backed by Chinese communists. Two years later, Romney senior recanted his support for the war but claimed that he had been hoodwinked. Mitt would follow his father’s footsteps when running for president of changing mind and policy in midstream depending upon which way the political wind is blowing when it came to national healthcare via ‘ObamaCare‘ that he implemented in Massachusetts and declared he was against it in election 2012.

johnkerry.jpgJohn Kerry not only is hypocritical, but a serial liar. It began when he joined forces with the likes of Jane Fonda to protest the Vietnam War and provided congressional testimony with false accusations of American military atrocity. Kerry was mentored by Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy and joined the ranks of the rich and powerful (it helped to marry Heinz heiress) of the Democrat political machine. Kerry voted for the war against Saddam Hussein and his murderous thugs and then after Bush received congressional approval, joined Democrats to say that We were misled. We were given evidence that was not true. Of course, he was referring to the WMDs that UN inspectors claimed could not be found; but US and British intelligence [and spy satellites] showed that Saddam had moved his chemical weapon stock to Syria via truck convoy and possibly to Iran where warplanes had already been spirited away when realizing that US was resolved to free Kuwait. Of course, no one is admitting that those chemical weaponry recently used in Syria were most likely a portion of what came from Iraq. Thus the turn-around politics of John Kerry, coupled with his false congressional testimony about Vietnam, as well as other untruths make Kerry a typical Democrat serial liar.

Hillary Clinton, a great purveyor of lies and deception stated on her campaign trail for senator in order to justify her vote for the war against Saddam’s regime that the mistakes were made by this president, who misled this country and this Congress.

AMBASSADOR-STEVENS-91825591167Too many Americans fell for this deception and believed that “Bush lied and people died” … but in reality, this scenario took place in a location called Benghazi where Hillary and Obama lied and people DID die because they were left out in the cold with no chance of support against a large group of Islamic jihadists. It is amazing how so few Americans held off at least 75 militants with automatic weapons, grenades, and shoulder-fired rockets for seven hours with hopes that the US cavalry was to appear over the hill to save the day. So many months and no one is paying for that incompetence, and, as usual, Obama does not take responsibility as Hillary Clinton left the position of Secretary of State with the excuse that she was ‘tired’. Despite congressional inquiries and her snippy, aloof attitude towards actions that caused the death of an ambassador and brave Americans who stayed against orders to defend him and the embassy location.

Still no outcry from the pathetic US media or no outrage coming from the Code Pink crowd as was seen in the Bush administration – until now, as John Kerry faces angry Code Pink demonstrators over the proposal of war against Syria.

In 2004, a Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously approved a report that the Bush administration did not attempt to coerce, influence or pressure analysts to change their judgments when it came to the Iraq War decision.

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: The chain reaction to attacking SyriaNow the person who was against Vietnam War and voted for and later complained he was lied to, I lying now as he supports his boss in the push to go to war against Syria. As in Egypt, the Obama team is backing the wrong side; but in reality and in tune with the republic that our Founders established – we should not be involved at all other than sanctions and diplomatic discussion.

Indeed, Saddam Hussein was a murderous despot and dangerous – but so are other national leadership in that region of the world. It is because the call for jihad has been established and a repeat of history is taking place; although too many will not admit it. Jihad was initiated once before in the medieval age to commence a serious threat to the western world as the thirst for Islamic conquest began with the Eastern Christian Byzantine Empire and stopped when the Moors took over Spain. Religion was the cause of the Crusades and so it goes today.

When the US draws a line, that must be backed up by resolve; but it also must fit the criteria of common sense and identification of who exactly our enemies are

Taking SidesI cannot say that the Vietnam War was justified because it lasted so long and ended with the communists taking over the country anyway; but I cannot demean the deaths of so many who took up rifle because the US policy was forming where our government felt the need to fight other nations’ wars with no US national security threat in view.

The news media was in an all-out blitz against Vietnam, often providing doctored news reports to support their anti-war stance; a prelude to what they would become as media-corporate politically controlled entities they have become.

Pancho ObamaWhere is the mainstream media on this call to war against Syria issue [and previously unauthorized bombing of Libya] in protest against Obama’s dysfunctional foreign policy and incompetence that caused the death of Americans in Benghazi?

The United States was attacked on September 11th, 2001, an anniversary days away, which provided the right of the United States to seek out enemies of the free world and destroy them. The enemy is not cut-and-dried like in World War II; where the combatants wear no specific uniform, kill women and children indiscriminately and use the ‘flower-power’ mentality of today’s leadership who have never personally engaged in a combat situation or even served any time in the US military – except for ‘Swift Boat’ Kerry.

Our leadership does not build upon the traditions or maintain the discipline required that made and kept our nation great; instead choosing an apologetic and pathetic foreign policy that has dabbled too much and for too long in the affairs that does not concern national security or other issues. Yet, this same leadership ignores the real threats – subversive organizations operating and thriving on American soil behind the cloak of religious institutions, human rights organizations, and training camps that are ignored by the federal government [as well as local law enforcement]. Because illegal immigrants represent an increase in the voting base, the feds do not enforce immigration laws and initiate policies that put Americans in danger, invited the drug cartel across our border to operate in our cities – and truly create a national security threat.

Our federal government policy of protecting other nation’s borders [i.e., South/North Korea DMZ]; yet cannot, will not protect our own southern border.

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Speak up, speak out, America – the republic needs you. Your voice can be heard at the voting booth in 2014 and all elections from this day forward …