Reality Check: Truth and the Religion of ‘Peace’

Daniel Greenfield wrote a truthful insight about what is happening in Syria and the general atmosphere that is infiltrating through subversion in free nations of the world at FrontPage Mag an article entitled The Myth of the Moderate Syrian Rebels

The moderate Syrian rebels, like the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, are a myth … The Syrian Civil War is a religious war. It’s not a war over democracy or freedom. [as Obama the Community Organizer would have us to believe] It’s a conflict between two totalitarian systems, one loosely based on a mixture of Islam and Socialism, and the other more rigidly based on Islam. Both are brutal and merciless to anyone who doesn’t belong. Both have their death squads and extensive corruption on the inside. Both are evil. … There are no moderates in a religious war. There are no moderates in an ethnic conflict. Neither side is seeking freedom. Both are seeking absolute supremacy. The Syrian opposition that we hear about on the evening news and in the columns of newspapers is an elaborate Potemkin village masterminded by the Muslim Brotherhood [which Obama supports with taxpayer dollars and the blood of an ambassador and other Americans] , Turkey and Qatar to convince Americans and Europeans that the rebels have a governmental structure and are ready to take power. … The actual fighters have few allegiances except to wealth and religion. … Fighters move from one brigade to another. … And none of them are our friends.

The “Al-Aqsa Islamic Brigades”, an FSA-allied group, was caught sticking a photoshopped image of Washington, D.C. Burning at the hands of Syrian rebel fighters on its Facebook page. … There is no Free Syrian Army. … There are just groups of fighters carving out territory, seizing homes, oil depots and bakeries, raping women, killing Christians, and behaving exactly the way that armed gangs with heavy firepower and no law to restrain them do. …killing their way across Syria the way that their distant ancestors might have during the original conquests of Islam. … It is their law, in the same way that the Pirate Code was the law of the buccaneers and the Thieves Law was the code of the Russian criminal. … Slaughter in Syria will go on with unrestrained savagery …whether we bomb Assad or write him a sternly worded letter. …

After September 11th, 2001 when an orchestrated terrorist attack was conducted in the United States, the comment by our leadership is that we are now fighting a war never fought before. In a sense they were correct, it is a war against no specific nation [except those who side with the Islamic fascists] and the “soldiers” wear no specific uniform and all kill indiscriminately. Their flag is the symbol of Islam, of which all proclaim allegiance to. But in the final analysis, this is a war that has been fought before, just in a different way in a different period of human history where warlords and warriors took up the banner of Islam and vowed to conquer the known world. It was a series of wars that has been called the Crusades, where one oppressive, tyrannical religion fought another; atrocities committed on both sides in the name of God or Allah.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church no longer wields its power over kings and princes or commits inhumane acts like in the mentality of an Inquisition; but Islam has risen again in an agenda of world domination. Muslims are emigrating to nations where they demand tolerance, but provide none for any other – demanding the host nation bow to their Sharia Law, while plotting and committing evil and violent crimes against the people who welcomed them to their nation.

In some places the subversion is subtle, but after building in numbers and organizing within entities of an alleged religion of peace – their collective agenda is domination and eventually global power. In the United States, the same political entity that demands equal rights for homosexuals also have taken up the banner for Islam in the name of tolerance and peace; yet they do not realize that homosexuals in Sharia law are condemned to death, usually in horrific, medieval methods. Islamic women are disfigured, a sixteen-year-old who was gang raped by Muslim men was condemned to death because she was guilty of letting them do so, righteous Muslims burn Christian churches and Jewish synagogues; hailing the Nazi program of The Final Solution as a means to rid the Islamic world of “evil” Jews. The Hollywood crowd spews out films filled with sexual content and unorthodox and political messages, who choose the side of Islam depicting them as freedom fighters and oppressed – condemning any documentary that depicts the truth – not realizing in the world of Sharia law, they would be stoned to death or strangled or their heads lopped off in a public execution for their ideology and ‘decadent’ way of life. Hollywood represents the delusional political and anti-moral mindset that has befallen the land of liberty.

The Islamic fascists commit acts of violence against Christians and Jews or anyone they see fit; and hypocritically denounce any objections as ‘racist’ or bias. They fight non-Muslims as well as amongst themselves.

Is this truly the people any free nation would invite and tolerate to become citizens of their country?


Tolerance is a part of freedom of religion; however, if any religion demands tolerance while providing none – and whose doctrine is hatred and violence; then free people should not be ashamed of expelling such rabble from their homeland. If there be “moderates” within that religion, then their refusal of not speaking out against fundamentalist jihadists is loudly saying they side with them in silence.

Turkey, once a democratic republic that had separated religion from the state is falling into the chaotic spell of its Muslim neighbors. That truly is a loss, for they represented a nation, its people, as truly a peaceful religion, peaceful Muslims who tolerated other religions while still retaining their traditions.

And in the midst of this evil chaos is Israel, a nation too often ignored and shunned by members of the so-called United Nations, and certainly insulted and ignored by a President of the United States who foolishly voted in office once and to be retained in office the second time.

Character DOES matter and it transcends skin pigmentation and ethnic ancestry.

If the American people were so hot in voting for a “black” president, there are other candidates who fit that bill that have character and who views their stance as Americans above all else – promoting true unity, and not a president that makes statements like: “If I had a son, he would be like …”

No wonder so many people think that Obama is, and has been, a closet Muslim. In his foreign policy he has consistently sided with the factions of what the free world is fighting against.

Hard to say, since so much of his past is filled with mystery and suppressed information.

And, since all of this chaos surrounds religion, ponder this …

Jesus of Nazareth was a significant person in human history, more influential than any other in recorded history. His weapon was words and wisdom, while the alternative of Judeo-Christian intellect uses the sword.

Anyone, religious or not, can readily see by the consciousness inscribed within our genes, can see which is more acceptable.

Just as Jesus separated the kingdom of Caesar, civil government, from the kingdom of those who believe in a Creator – so must all people in free nations that are inherently predominately Christian must demand the same wisdom and fight evil for what it is, not what the totalitarian would have us believe.

The United States was founded by men of classic education, learned men of history, whose fundamental principles followed Christianity in its basic foundation; and from that the Declaration of Independence and the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States was written – separating Caesar’s kingdom from the Creator’s kingdom yet still retaining the important founding principles like freedom of choice and basic rights of speech and personal defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Is that all to be for naught, to fade into the dustbin of human history because people are afraid [made afraid through indoctrination] to speak out for fear of being accused of racism, bias or just being politically incorrect?

I fear this will be so. I fear for the country I served for fifteen years, and I fear that too many Americans have been indoctrinated and no longer think for themselves; and especially do not believe in those principles and the wisdom that created a nation such as ours.

If We the People want to save our republic, we must first reeducate ourselves and turn back to that wisdom that made the United States such a great place to live – and remove from the world stage the mouthpiece of tyrants [corporate media] and those who believe in the collective instead of individual freedom and respect for one another. We should be proud of our Founders, not ashamed of them – as those in charge of producing our textbooks are teaching our children today.

In order to save the republic, We the People must first reform ourselves. No longer can we think that character, principles and common core values are outdated, as those who indoctrinate our children into thinking.

Freedom comes with the price of remaining always vigilant against those knowingly or unknowingly attempt to remove it.

This is where we have failed.

Just realizing a mistake is the first important step toward correcting it.

Once upon a time in America, a generation I remember, was embarrassed to have to ask for ‘welfare’ programs that we have paid for all our working lives. Today, the people we elected to operate our government have created a generation who think it is part of the Bill of Rights. That alone shows how far we have fallen from the Liberty Tree of 1776 and a nation of self-discipline, self-sufficiency, and individual greatness. If we throw our hands up in despair over the corruption within our government, instead of blaming them – blame the voters who put them there. Voters who do not look for character, but instead charisma and promises of “free stuff”; false promises of security while they continue to reach into our pockets to obtain the ever dwindling individual wealth. Look in the mirror and you will see the origination of blame.