Price to Be Paid for Incompetence

John Kerry was a big mistake on the part of BH Obama [among many mistakes] when he chose him to be Secretary of State, as with most of those he has chosen for his cabinet and department/agency heads. Indeed, Eric Holder is still the US Attorney General despite committing perjury before a congressional hearing in the investigation of the ‘Fast-N-Furious‘ operation/scandal and has yet to divulge full information concerning the actions, or rather non-actions of the President and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who bailed out when the scandal of Benghazi broke out. John Kerry stated when taking office he would ‘get to the bottom of Benghazi’ – we are still waiting; too busy seeking to bomb Syria.

John Kerry started into politics under the tutelage of mentor Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy, who took him under his wing during congressional hearings concerning the Vietnam War. Kerry’s testimony, that included false testimony, concerned American soldier involvement in atrocities. Kerry belonged to an anti-war movement that was sponsored by Maoist communists that included prominent American members like the infamous Hanoi Jane, actress Jane Fonda and radical members who were part of the 1970s terrorist and criminal organizations like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers.

Fast forward to the latest news … John Kerry becomes a war hawk and points to his political and personal hypocrisy because the Kerry that cried foul concerning the Iraq War (although Bush had congressional approval to do so, unlike Obama when he attacked Libya) is not insisting that we bomb the crap out of Syrian government forces of Assad in retaliation of alleged chemical attacks. I state “alleged” because there have been reports from the Jihadist circle that the terrorist organizations are claiming that they released those chemicals upon the populace that killed at least 1000 Syrian people. Of course, the federal government did nothing about the massacres occurring in Syria and other places like Nigeria, where the death toll was ten and twenty fold of that number. And, in case anyone has forgotten, Saddam Hussein killed thousands of people in his chemical attack which was part of his crimes against humanity and reason given for attacking and dismantling his 25-year-old regime. Assad has had a history of being a reformer and kept a secular state … the rebels that Obama and company side with are Islamic fundamentalists – the very same people we have been fighting against since their attack on September 11th, 2001, twelve years ago yesterday.

Now John Kerry is a war-hawk, asking for an air attack against Assad and company with the promise there will be no “boots on the ground” – but clearly has no contingency beyond that attack; completely overlooking and dispelling the fact that it most likely will just escalate an already volatile situation in the entire region. And let’s face if folks, it the Jihadists are not fighting against Infidels, they are killing, looting and violating each other. What John Kerry is asking is just what escalated the Vietnam War which began when JFK was president, sending the newly formed Green Berets in as advisers. John Kerry in a moment of symbolism threw his medals from his Swift Boat experience over the fence on the property of the White House is now insisting that we get involved in a powder keg while his commander-in-chief has systematically reduced unity and morale within the ranks of US armed forces as well as funding. The US military is expected to fulfill the role as the world’s military policemen with reduced funding as well as at a time when the national debt is approaching melt down.

As part of this scenario, Vladimir Putin, a KGB officer in the 1970s, who exploited and manipulated the American antiwar movement who compared American troops as warriors of Genghis Khan. While Kerry has changed his anti-war stance, Putin has not changed his attitude toward US military involvement in other nations’ affairs.

And through all of this, which makes matters worse, Kerry and Obama are taking sides with Islamist rebels who have committed atrocities against their own people as well as Christians in the region.

Both Kerry and Obama questioned the intelligence reports of GW Bush’s administration when it came to WMDs and chemical weapon capabilities; even after mobile chemical labs had been found after invasion, a terrorist training camp, and satellite imagery of a convoy of large trucks and trailers allegedly moving WMD and chemical weaponry to Syria and Iran to enable the Hussein regime to cry foul against Bush for invading with hopes of obtaining an ally via the United Nations.

President Obama chose to opt out on the strike in Syria, but Kerry continued the war plan proposal to Congress.

Brain-dead, “let’s pass the bill and then read it” Nancy Pelosi was relieved because she did not, along with other Democrats wish to vote against something Obama wanted.

Meanwhile, Kerry goes overseas to win allies and to convince Democrats in Congress that bombing Assad into submission is the answer. Meanwhile, with all this media coverage there can be no doubt that the chemical weapons location, known before, is most likely been moved – just as Hussein did in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Putin played the political game in a straight move and while Kerry was gathering a coalition like Bush I and Bush II did and offered Obama something to get him out of the political corner he painted himself into. Putin was quoted by the New York Times:

It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessing, we must not forget that God created us equal.

Profound statement coming from a former dedicated KGB officer and a clear slap-in-the-face to Obama; an animosity that has grown since Putin refused to give up the NSA whistleblower who asked Russia for asylum from US federal thugs.

Putin compared Obama to GW Bush and reminded him what he stated when running a campaign for president in 2008 – clearly never adhered to after he swore in as the 44th President of the United States. He is using his KGB training and using the ‘flower power’ Democrat progressives’ tendency to use emotion to counter logic and reality.

Today, Kerry will be negotiating with Russian representatives with the idea of a strike against Assad vanishing into history.

It will take some time, if we ever get someone capable in the White House and dominate constitutionalists in Congress to repair what Obama and his two predecessors have done; but the key would be reformation starting now in various aspects of how our government has allowed itself to be where it is today.