Save the Republic – NOW

Since the United States Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to create articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama [as well as the VP and members of his cabinet and agency heads], I have put together a list of articles of impeachment of my own, enumerated in the Klein and Elliott book Impeachable Offenses:

  • Obamacare: unconstitutional – illegally bypasses Congress, infringes upon states’ rights, and provides unauthorized expansion of an already powerful entity – IRS, known as the prime element of the American Gestapo. [See Veterans Today and an organization entitled that is nothing more than a ‘tree hugger’ group, not addressing the real issues: American Gestapo].
  • Sufficient evidence of corruption, cronyism, and impeachable offenses that concern “green” funding that has now expanded into a “climate change” agenda that will skyrocket your electric bills and taxpayer dollars continuing to spend on bankrupting “green” corporations that is part of the biggest scam in US history – to include forcing citizens to use ethanol when it has been found not to improve quality and has NOT reduced gasoline prices as promised and has proven to be detrimental to gasoline engines.
  • Several instances where Obama has abused presidential authority and overstepped his powers by executive order, bypassing Congress, of which a major action was granting unreported de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who would be considered invaders in any other nation by using illicit inter-agency directives along with executive orders.
  • While making illicit orders and other inter-agency actions that violate the Second Amendment, Barack Hussein Obama has not addressed the “Fast-N-Furious” scandal, ignoring the actions of US Attorney General Eric Holder, who committed perjury in a congressional hearing; not removed from office by Obama or has followed up in any serious investigation of that illicit operation or the Benghazi incident that caused the death and injury of Americans because of an inept State Department and ignoring the plea for aid of those Americans in Benghazi. New evidence reveals that the president played a personal role [how could he not, being the commander-in-chief?] and his order to military personnel and units that could have saved Ambassador Stevens and his personnel within the seven hours they held off attackers on September 11th, 2012. No memorial was conducted for Ambassador Stevens and those who died with him on September 11th 2013 because the Obama administration wants the American people to forget the embarrassing incident – with the help of the corporate media mainstream political boot lickers.
  • The Department of Homeland Security was created by George W. Bush to consolidate agencies for better efficiency in dealing with national security against terrorist activities. Barack Hussein Obama has furthered the power of DHS with “fusion centers” (established by GW Bush, the original blame here) for illicit data retrieval on lawful American citizens to be used by the government to further its agenda to make the federal, central government more powerful, use of drones for spying and enacting assassination acts against US citizens. The surveillance regime has alarmingly grown and now there are public exercises to practice missions against citizens of the United States deemed as enemies of the state. Meanwhile, the federal government ignores the 30+ Islamic training camps established within the United States and allows them to operate while declaring that constitutional militia organizations, and constitutional organizations like the peaceful Tea Party are considered a threat to the US government and ‘national security’. At the same time ignoring the national security threat at our southern border, failing to secure it, and not enforcing immigration laws and preventive acts concerning actions that could be considered an invasion sanctioned by the Mexican government that also has allowed the Mexican drug cartel to establish its organization in several major cities of the United States.
  • Illegal use of US armed forces in US-NATO campaign without congressional approval.
  • Barack Hussein Obama has sided with enemies of the United States by supporting in taxpayer dollars and military equipment and supplies to the Muslim Brotherhood, a key Jihad element originating from Saudi Arabia; while insulting US allies and hindering Israel from defending itself and stopping Iran’s nuclear objective. This, in effect, is high treason a constitutionally established article for impeachment.

The TSA has expanded its power and scope, much like the IRS and NSA, as well as other federal departments in creating the VIPR operation using Black Hawk helicopters, Coast Guard boats, drones and other aircraft, as well as armored vehicles meant for urban warfare within the continental United States. On January 23rd 2009, President Obama issued a directive that initiated the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce that shall be organized, trained, cleared, equipped and ready to deploy in support of combat operations by the military; contingencies; emergency operations; humanitarian missions; disaster reliefs; restoration of order; drug interdiction; and stability operations.

It is an expansion of what GW Bush did in Louisiana after the Hurricane Katrina disaster that included confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens under the auspices of martial law.

Obama and friends denounced the actions [and inaction] of GW Bush and promised the American people there would be ‘change’. There was, but the way the blinded voters thought. Ignoring Obama’s personal history they elected him in 2008; and worse, reelected him in 2012 knowing his incompetent and unconstitutional record of first term. Part of the victory is attributed to a mass effort of illegal actions involving voter fraud; thus the reason why Democrats are against proper voter registration and ID that would prevent a person from voting more than once, under an assumed name [dead people], and actions of union and Black Panther thugs intimidating voters. In addition, recount votes were hindered and practices kept secret without supervision to ensure that Obama was reelected. No one as of this date who committed those illegal acts have been prosecuted.

The federal government was already establishing unconstitutional power before Obama was elected, thanks to Clinton and Bush; but Obama has expanded the American socialist movement towards big government and incremented attacks upon liberty and rights established by the Bill of Rights and articles of the US Constitution. Some state governments follow suit, while others are preparing for separation from the Union or at least defying unconstitutional federal actions.

Congress and the People cannot wait until 2016 to rid America of a president that has far more transgressions than Richard Nixon had when articles of impeachment were being established, causing him to decide to resign his office. At least, as not in the case of Bill Clinton and BH Obama, Nixon had enough honor to step down without putting the federal government and the American people through a full-blown impeachment process.

The ongoing VIPR operations that includes using national railway systems, is a prelude to something far more sinister; too many people thinking that the unthinkable could never happen.

If the VIPR was established and exists to prevent terrorist attacks, why does the federal government turn its head on the issues concerning security at our southern border and the establishment of militant terrorist training camps in the United States?

If it seems that Americans are getting paranoid, it is only because of the actions of the federal government and an administration, Supreme Court, and Congress that refuses to address the real issues. Scandals are being ignored by the corporate mainstream media because it has sided and established itself as the voice of big government – through coercion, intimidation and political bias. The few media entities who act as the eyes and ears of the People are portrayed as conspiracy theorists and seeking public notice using fear as its tool.

When constitutionalists and citizens who demand reform and swear to protect the Constitution of the United States are deemed the enemy, and the real enemy like the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and other Fifth Element organizations ignored; then our federal government and participating state governments have become the tyrants that the Founders warned the People about.

Using our Voice of the People is the way to reform; before it escalates into being forced to fight against tyranny who has all the hardware and means to suppress and totally remove any rights at all.

In addition and conclusion: We the People cannot expect true reform until we reform ourselves and return values, like family values, as the nucleus of our being and representative of our society that includes integrity, honesty, and honor. We should be teaching our children to excel in life and protect the constitutional laws that allows them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Anyone who states that all, including the wisdom of the Founders is “old school” – are fooling themselves and have become tools of those whose agenda is not for their welfare.