Told Ya So: Global Warming Alias Climate Change is Junk Science

global_warming_gore_fireWhen P.T. Barnum stated that there was a sucker born every minute; Al Gore was paying attention. He has made a fortune, along with his cronies on stupid people who believed their “sky is falling” propaganda. Even after the scam was revealed through unauthorized access to leading scientists email – people are still going along with it. Hollywood was stupid enough to give him an award for his propaganda documentary. Those scientists who were made to ridiculous for speaking out against the whole nonsense are now suing Gore. He even won a Noble prize.

Barack H. Obama has pushed the climate change “cry wolf” concept, conveniently changed from “global warming” when the truth was revealed. The sad thing is that legitimate scientists and meteorologists have been “blackballed” within their profession because of this junk science. Congress needs to stop approving spending money on these schemes. The IPCC is going to release a report this month that will counter the “global warming” theory changed to “climate change” fear-mongering to reveal that the changing climate/weather will be COLDER. The Wall Street Journal stated that the alarm has been dialed back. This will not hinder them from their man-made climate change theory to be spread as gospel truth. All of this is just plain criminal.

The most frustrating thing is that our government has wasted taxpayer dollars and increased our national debt over this that includes backing corporations that have gone bankrupt – and Obama still has the audacity to announce that more taxpayer dollars and money the treasury doesn’t have to be earmarked in the push of a false report based on poor computer model data in 2007.

The polar ice pack, previously stated to be melting and will create a Waterworld scenario, revealing what was said five to ten years ago: a possible ice age may be in the future.

I do not know about you, but if the choice was up to me I would prefer some global warming rather than an ice age because we would starve – unless we maintained a viable amount of greenhouses; which would force us to most likely vegetarians. That is assuming that fish could not be obtained, whose prices would be unaffordable to most. If people think too many people are starving now, imagine if a major ice age would occur.

The ego of those who stain the halls of Congress is phenomenal … they actually want us to believe they can legislate the climate and weather fluctuations.

I am tired of those people who pretend to be national leaders, operating OUR government, pissing down our backs and telling us it is raining.

Clean out Congress in 2014, folks. It is the only way to get rid of the parasitic political whores running our government; and while you are on a roll … demand that Congress impeach the president and his minion. Reform is long past due and it will take some time to repair what was done during three administrations and a Congress filled with career political pigs.

Only We the People can save the Republic.



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  1. cartoonmick says:

    I love hearing debate from both sides, as each contain persuasive elements.

    Historically, science and politics have had many disagreements.

    Toss in some religious and business pressure, and anything can evolve (or not).

    “Only listen to advice which assists the cause”.

    Anyhow, it always gives me plenty of material for my cartoons.

    This is my latest . . . .



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