Federal Rule Established: Regulations and Law Do Not Apply to Federal Elite

Following the ploy of Hillary Clinton

“What difference does it make?”

who retired when the Benghazi scandal broke out and the media [some of them] finally revealed for what it really was … Lois Lerner, infamous IRS chief is retiring after pleading the Fifth Amendment recently in congressional hearings concerning illegal and unethical acts within the gestapo-like organization that most everyone hates is going to retire. Will she escape prosecution like Hillary? Probably, that seems the norm.

Meanwhile, Lerner will be collecting retirement out of the taxpayer funding of what is left in the treasury that isn’t an IOU; and that is the way the feds operate nowadays, it seems; especially within this administration. Eric Holder, despite solid evidence against him is still the US Attorney General, and no word about any congressional hearings to bring charges against him for perjury and his actions in “Fast-N-Furious” scandal.

Isn’t it nice when someone commits illegal acts and/or unethical actions can get out of it just by retiring?

It seems it is the norm for the feds to put themselves above the law – quite evident when recently Obama and Congress declared that they were, and those who work for them, are exempt from the outrageous requirements of Obamacare; something you and I will not be able to do if anyone can figure out how it is to work. Frankly, this is just another piece of evidence that proves that Obamacare is and will be a monstrous disaster; and apparently only We the People are going to suffer. Of course, We the People, those 65 million voters who did not commit voter fraud, deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the rest of us must suffer along with them.

The common remark in the Obama regime: “Scandal? What scandal?” Hillary: “A myriad of fantasy scandals …”

Meanwhile, the real enemy, working in subversive activities is being revealed and still the feds don’t shut down CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and company. Too busy targeting constitutionalists like the Tea Party organization, perceived as the “real” threat.