Democrats Shut Down Govt – Not the GOP

Obamacare was a lie and so is the reason for the shutdown of government.

The GOP congressional members voted to pay everything except Obamacare, which means it is the senate and White House that is holding things up. The Senate refused to pass the budget bill because it excluded Obamacare funding. Yet, they certainly didn’t have qualms about exempting themselves and government workers from the Obamacare regulations.

So, in reality, Senator Reid and President Obama have refused to accept money required to run the government because the Obamacare funding was left out. So who is truly to blame for this shutdown nonsense.

And speaking of nonsense … the memorial public places in Washington DC are shutdown, not just shutdown concerning services, but people are forbidden to enter. Bill Clinton certainly did not do this when the government was shut down in 1995 – he merely temporarily discontinued services – not forbidding the public to view various monuments and enter parks in the Capital.

Obama has shown to be a spoiled child when he does not get his way, and vindictive, he will do things for spite – no matter who it hurts.

Veterans have been refused to visit the memorial parks because they have been cordoned off. Congress members have threatened to bring wire cutters and ceremoniously cut the cordoned areas so people can visit THEIR capital monuments. Isn’t Obama and company something. Those monuments were built and paid for by American citizens and now they are being refused to enjoy them.

When is this pompous, vindictive, childish person going to be impeached? I hope citizens have learned their lessons and get rid of congress members who play political games instead of doing their job, what the American people pay them to do and expect them to abide by their oaths of office.


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  1. I dunno . . . MY bible has a passage in it about the Good Samaritan. MY bible reads “Love your neighbor as yourself.” MINE advises us “As you treat the least of these, my brothers, you have treated me.” So denying health care coverage to has become the mantra of the right-wing GOP, including Evangelists! What kind of family values is that?

  2. Jesus also stated: “Render Unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” … government should not and constitutionally cannot dictate or overseer charities. Americans traditionally have been giving people, donating to charities voluntarily. That will address your question on “family values”. YOU should be the one to decide what part of your money goes to charity, which helps “neighbors”. Otherwise, it is flat-out stealing from some citizens to dole out funding to others. What part of that can you not understand? Don’t put biblical philosophy into a justification for Big Government.
    Kind of odd that a Christian would be a “liberal” when the trend of the liberal-progressive political entity is to persecute Christians in all manners and forms, while providing favors to Islamic subversives. For example, Obama, commander-in-chief decreed that Christian military personnel would not be allowed to openly exhibit their faith or practice even something as simple as prayer. How many news stories depicts those in government and within the progressive political circle who wants exhibition of the true meaning of the holiday “Christmas” to be forbidden – to include public display of the Ten Commandments. Liberal-Progressives do not know the true meaning of “family values” – and if you think they do, then you are so deceived.

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