Liberal-Progressives: Diversity Does Not Mean Unity

Those that deem themselves liberal are not truly enacting the true, original meaning of the word. Their hypocrisy and political ideology is more accurately progressive, which is short for progression towards socialism and communism.

Diversity is a key word used often by liberal-progressives, but their policies and actions prove far removed from the true meaning of the word. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Liberal-progressives use enhanced words and change their meaning and add/change terminology to fit their needs or disguise their true intent. For example, the global warming began as a major political push aimed to create money-making industry in the name of saving the planet – big government lovers actually believe politicians who profess to be able to change climate and weather patterns via legislation and draconian regulations. They would have We the People believe that humanity has caused weather patterns and climate fluctuations that have been around long before humanity had any “footprint” upon their environment. This is not to say that we should strive to have clean air and water, as well as replenished natural resources, as well as striving toward alternate forms of energy that are more efficient, cost-effective, and affordable to all – we have allowed the “tree huggers” with their false data win favor of vote-seeking politicians.

After the global warming theory was found to be falsely based upon one person’s computer model findings that were inept at best and leading scientists advocating the movement’s true purpose via confiscated email – the liberal-progressives changed the terminology from global warming to climate change – as if this would verify and qualify their continued junk science.

That is what liberal-progressives do – they are fond of words, phrases and ideology that would reinforce their propaganda and the tool of emotion and fear that puts the public within their favored agenda.

David L. Goetsch wrote about this at Patriot Update, October 16th issue:

Consider just a few of the actions that reveal where liberals really stand on the subject of diversity:

  • Liberals promote and adopt government policies that force people who fill out forms, applications, and other documents to self-identify on the basis of race and ethnicity as well as other diversity-related factors.

  • Liberals undermine the foundational beliefs set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, beliefs that could give diverse peoples some important common ground.

  • Liberals work hard to prevent the establishment of a common language in America (i.e. English) in spite of the fact that sharing a common language is the most effective factor known for bringing diverse peoples together.

  • Liberals view people as members of racial and ethnic groups as opposed to viewing them as individuals.

  • Liberals enact federal government programs that are open only to minorities.

America’s founders had the right idea when they coined our national motto: E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one). …our founders could not have anticipated the federal government making self-segregation the norm when filling out forms, responding to the national census, or applying for jobs. … Liberals have transformed America’s motto from E Pluribus Unum to E Unum Pluribus. …liberals are using our public schools, colleges, and universities – institutions they dominate and control – to tear down everything our founding documents stood for; the very principles that made America the greatest nation on earth. … Liberals see no problem with saying one thing and doing another. In fact, this is their trademark.

The success of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, et cetera; was based upon a key element: educate the nation’s youth with the schematics of Marxism [or fascism] and reeducate their parents. Eventually the youth become the state’s watchful eye, where children turned in their parents for disobeying the state’s agenda. Added to that mix of totalitarian themes is the Islamic-Fascist movement where global theocracy is their goal.

Great minds, free-thinking minds in the age of enlightenment and reasoning in Europe and colonial America produced the founders of a new nation conceived in liberty for all, who welcomed the diverse roots of those who would become Americans; but also emphasized the importance of unity and looking upon each other as fellow citizens – the only flaw being that slavery was allowed in the new republic of unified, but separate states. Unfortunately it took a civil war to end that practice. The Roman Empire was a republic for two centuries with slaves, but slavery was looked upon differently – not based on ethnicity or skin pigmentation.

Today, the beginning of the 21st century should have surpassed all those mistakes made by civilizations throughout history, and instead of embracing the principles that made the United States unique, We the People are allowing the once minority liberal-progressives to disallow and dissolve that which the Founders created so wisely and proved to be such a success until those that were elected found that they could use the available wealth gathered from the toil of its citizens to their advantage by distributing income and wealth with the blessings of a people who believed in the false security of big government. The warnings of the founders in their papers and lectures, pointed out in the Federalist Papers, have been ignored.

It will not be an easy path to reformation back to the republic and its unique Constitution – but the effort will be worth it and our descendants will be grateful as long as they continue the protection of that Constitution and the republic.

So, the People must take back their educational institutions and force the media to once again be the eyes and ears of the People and not the mouthpiece of a progressive government. Those two factors will help achieve the goal of true reformation, and return the United States back to being a republic which was the cause of its greatness combined with the wealth of its natural resources that elected officials in the federal government refuse to allow its use in order to become self-sufficient and not beholding to any foreign entity and power.

This reformation movement will not be orchestrated by those presently holding elected offices, from the local committee to Capitol Hill – but from the grassroots of freedom By the People and thus For the People.

Let’s not be delusional into thinking that it will only take an armed rebellion like what took place in 1776 to be the answer. That was a unique moment in history where the outcome can never be duplicated; indeed, it was tried by the French, but instead turned into anarchy which in turn favored the likes of Napoleon. The vote and public outcry must be the tools and ever diligent upon the task and duty of every citizen to be watchful and safeguard the Constitution and its amendments and ensuring that all elected officials abide by their oaths of office. Loyalty should be to the Constitution, not a political entity [club] – but loyalty to the People united under one flag, one language, and the strength of true principle.

And as far as the person now occupying the White House, he is a great example of what not to be … a recent statement being a good example of lies:

Islam has always been a part of America’s history.

Don’t be surprised if that ideology shows up in your child’s government-mandated American History textbook, issued by the Great Obama.

I rest my case.

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