Secretary Sebelius Says She Does Not Work For YOU

Yes, folks, one of Obama’s “chosen ones” has declared that she does not work for the American people, she works for President Obama.

True, she was not elected to be head of the runaway train called Obamacare – but she has had three years to ensure it is ready as of October 1, 2013. As expected, the system is not ready and nor will it ever be a benefit to the American people.

Senator Roberts is one of the Congress demanding that Secretary Sebelius to resign. Citizens are demanding that Obamacare be put in the trash where it belongs.

The only ones who will benefit will be insurance companies and the federal government being in charge of 18% of the economy of the United States – YOUR health care. Look how well they have operated Social Security, Medicare, and promised benefits to veterans of foreign wars.

Outrageously, Obama has declared his staff and Congress has planned not to comply with the bill that other Americans are expected to adhere to:

This president has lied every step of the way – and certainly does not answer to the American people – as Secretary Sebelius has openly stated in a recent interview:

The following people should also resign: BH Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Eric Holder, John Kerry, and the list goes on …