Senate Approves Resolution to Recognize Hindu Festival of Lights

While Christendom has been persecuted in the United States for at least one decade, culminating into the Obama administration’s outright attack on Christians within the US Armed Forces, Senator Mike Warner [D-VA] has submitted an official recognition of a specific holiday festival [Festival of Lights – Diwali] that is projected to pass by 75%.


The party always claiming state separated from church jargon, one can see that only applies to Christendom. The First Amendment covers recognizing any religion, so why waste time with resolutions and bills like these?

Spending more time on budget and constitutional matters would be more in order for the so-called servants of the people.


6 comments on “Senate Approves Resolution to Recognize Hindu Festival of Lights

  1. Ed says:

    Is this Senate Resolution 299?

  2. No Senate 277 – I provided a link in text.

  3. Ed says:

    Maybe I’m missing the big threat here, but what’s the problem?

  4. If you have determined a threat is declared in this article concerning the resolution – YES you are missing something. The point is:
    1. The First Amendment takes care of the recognition of the Hindu Festival of Lights, so the US Senate or the House does not need to “recognize” anything of the sort. This is a Congress who took four years to produce an annual required budget; which failed miserably when it comes to the basics of debits and credits, as well as the importance of reducing bureaucracy of government in order to stimulate the economy, for one important issue.
    2. The Christian faith also “recognizes” Christmas as the birth festival of Jesus Christ, yet is harassed constantly in cities and states that determine that Christmas festival ornamentation and public displays are “insulting” or “offensive” to non-Christians, thus their First Amendment rights are violated ever increasingly.
    3. Political correctness has polluted society and American culture to where everyone is afraid to insult Islam, even when their doctrine preaches hatred, violence, and intolerance; all the while demanding tolerance for their subversive methods of turning any nation they decide to immigrate to under their theocratic medieval doctrine that requires that religion is never separated from the business of state; indeed, the religion dictates what civil laws are mandated.
    Just as the recent bill passed through the Senate that has already been passed under the Civil Rights Act concerning gender – Congress wastes time and taxpayer dollars on frivolous and meaningless legislation when they should be reviewing every bill previously passed to determine if it still requires to be valid and performs as it was intended when passed. Laws and regulations should be reviewed and dealt with accordingly, in conference with constitutional law and leave the details to the US Supreme Court who are sworn to protect and abide by the US Constitution and its amendments – not to “interpret it” but to ensure that legislation passed in Congress comply with it and circumstances brought to their attention are resolved in accordance to those articles and amendments so wisely put together during the period in history known as the Age of Enlightenment.
    Maybe I should have detailed it more thoroughly as I did in this comment. Hopefully that explains my complaint – not against Hindus and their holy festival of lights. Thanks for your input/comment.

  5. Ed says:

    Did you just exaggerate a bit there, Keith? Christians “harassed” over Christmas? Their rights “violated” on the biggest holiday in the year which virtually everyone except for emergency services, including government workers, get off? Really, you Tea Partiers would do so much better if you didn’t feel the need to go so far over the top.

  6. Ed, have you been living in a bubble?
    I am not a member of the Tea Party, where did you assume that? And if I was, what does that have to do with this truth? The issue was, as you have ignored, that Congress need not waste time with a bill that the 1st Amendment covers. Like progressive-liberals do, they twist things around and make something out of nothing or detract from the initial truth.
    Have you read the latest from our commander-in-chief who disallowed public display of Christianity? People were killed at Fort Hood by a Muslim, not a Christian.
    In California, military chaplains are forbidden to use the word “Jesus”. []
    Christians fear loss of freedom in Illinois. []
    Yes, Christmas is still listed as a holiday – what that have to do with the above examples, which only represents a few among many – just Google and see.
    Don’t waste my time with progressive propaganda and denial.—as-believers-what-can-we-do/question-194431/?link=ibaf&q=attack+on+christmas+in+united+states

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