Obamacare Proves To Be Fraudulent and Wasteful

Not only has the so-called Obamacare begun as a failure in its initiation program, but as predicted, it has already become an avenue for fraud and taxpayer dollar waste … par to what the Obama administration is capable of. The truth was revealed

In a Fox News analysis:

The Obama administration gave states roughly $4.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to set up their own ObamaCare websites, according to a new analysis, in the latest revelation about the faucet of federal spending switched on by the 2010 passage of the health care law. … Some of the states even took federal money, then decided to let the federal site handle enrollment.

It is the same thing that happened during the litigation against tobacco companies, which resulted in punishing those who use tobacco products to pay exorbitant amount of tax with the excuse that it was to pay for state healthcare costs due to smoking. The money received never went to any such costs, which proved to be bogus.

The Obamacare federal money was tracked by Americans for Tax Reform showing how this unconstitutional act of the federal government will end up a boondoggle for criminals, politicians, and insurance companies and a heavy burden upon taxpaying citizens. All the while not meeting the promise of lower insurance premium costs and the ability to exercise freedom of choice.

We the People are pointing fingers at the politicians in Washington and state governments, but the gist of the problem lies in a society that has continually asked for and/or accepted government intervention upon issues that are not constitutional nor acceptable in a free state. As the citizen becomes more reliable upon government, so do circumstances that require that citizens have less say about their personal business. By the time enough people realize what is taking place, it will be too late because then liberties will become against the law of the tyrants.

We now have a “ME” generation that actually believe that welfare and government handouts [paid by someone else] is their “right” – thanks to the educational system being controlled by the federal government and not by state government and We the People. Ronald Reagan said that it would only take one generation to begin the process of total tyranny – and the events in the past decade has proven him correct – unfortunately.

The Second American Revolution must take place, with pen and voice, as well as responsible voting – citizens demanding that government keep out of personal lives, return property rights and freedom of choice – and let We the People decide what to do with money we earn.

The high cost of medical care is primarily caused by the medical industry and the insurance companies. For decades, insurance companies have received expensive premiums, but only pay 80% of the hospital bill the medical institutions charge. Medical institutions, when they find out that insurance companies are paying [80%], they pad the billing statements. For example, my son was in the hospital for an overnight [observation]. I was there almost the entire night and on the bill it showed charges of 18 visits by the nurse – of which I had noticed a nurse had come by only twice, and one time I had difficulty finding one to ask a question about my son.

Health care costs are caused by those scenarios and people who go to the doctor for every ache and pain – especially when someone else is paying for it.

This is reality – not what Obama and his cohorts on both sides of the political fence would have you believe.