Charlie Rangel Demands More Power to President

Charlie Rangel is a despicable progressive [criminal] who constantly was against everything Bush II did and now cannot understand why the Republicans in Congress are upset over the “nuclear option” of Senator Harry Reid – and being the progressive he is, suggests that constitutional law be further reduced …

According to Politicker:

Congressman Charlie Rangel has a solution for bypassing gridlock in Washington, DC: executive orders for “everything”. … You know the DREAM Act for the kids that came over here and didn’t know their home town, the president did that by executive order. … He went on to slam the Republican Party for refusing to cooperate – accusing them of acting against the interests of their own constituents.

Rangel and his ilk are prime examples of why there needs to be limited consecutive terms in Congress.

All the transgressions committed by Obama and his progressive cadre, if enacted and continued by a GOP president – they would be screaming “Impeach!”. But not a word from the GOP or any committee working up impeachment proceedings. The “conservative” party talks all day about freedom and constitutionality, but when they have the opportunity, they do nothing. Like Romney, the poster boy for the GOP establishment who did not return fire in defiance against allegations against him. I cannot understand how the American voters believed, in 2012, all the hype about Romney (and other conservatives), but totally ignored Obama’s inept record in his first term and his shady background throughout his political career. And, meanwhile, the GOP establishment backs indecisive losers like Romney and ignores [and ridiculed] a constitutionally minded candidate like Ron Paul. In effect, the last presidential campaign was decided by the media and voter fraud; and it is high time that the American voter wises up. Every candidate should receive equal publicity time by the media and keep their opinions to the OpEd columns. Mediators for televised campaign discussions should be objective and neutral, whatever their personal choice is – mediators are not to be fans of any of the contestants in televised debates.

A major breakthrough in dealing with business-as-usual politicians in Congress is to pass an amendment, like for the executive office, that limits congressional terms. Too often, congressional members, specifically in the House of Representatives, are reelected because no candidate runs against them. This is partly due to the nature of campaigns, but primarily because of the huge cost of running for office.

As far as the media: the solution for their actions in being a mouthpiece for unconstitutional government is to just turn them off and when they play their media games, flood their offices with email, snail mail, and phone calls – just as should be done against unconstitutional congressional members.

Patriots like Sarah Palin are deemed enemies of the state, the state of tyranny; and Tea Party folks as well. Anyone who is not with the big government program and believe in constitutional law.

If you want to see a reformed federal and state government – it is up to We the People to ensure it takes place. It is more important than football or just sitting around and complaining.

If our republic is to be saved, it is the duty of We the People to make it happen.