Big Government Grows Bigger

In the third quarter the economy allegedly grew 3.6% while government continues to grow.

Even a liberal professor is sounding the alarm, speaking to Congress. If you think this growth has only occurred during Obama’s reign, think again. The IRS has become a fourth branch, an added entity to the constitution’s established three branches intended to oversight each other.

The EPA has even written its own regulations bypassing Congress, and we all have heard of the power that the NSA has under the direction of the executive branch – despite President Obama continually stating he was “unaware”. If so, then this means that his appointed czars of government’s federal agencies and departments are going rogue. We the People still await an actual oversight committee to achieve the information about the Benghazi attack more than a year ago that cost American lives with the corporate-government controlled media not printing outrage of this oversight of an oversight.

Meanwhile, Obama is purging the military, and viewing Obama’s record this is not good news to liberty or the integrity of the US military’s future missions. The real connection is who Obama is replacing in the ranks of top military officials whose records are long and honorable. Maggie’s Notebook has a long list of fired commanders of the US Armed Forces. Many were forced into retirement, their benefits questionable.

Obama is conceding to the enemies of the free world – the Iranian capitulation being one of the major disasters in Obama’s long record of disasters in foreign affairs accompanied by other progressives’ behavior.


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