White House Flag at Half Mast for Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela rest in peace.

President Obama ordered the US flag in Washington DC to be lowered to half mast in honor of the passing of Nelson Mandela, an honor given to Winston Churchill by President Lyndon Johnson and to Pope John Paul II by President George W. Bush. President Obama and Mrs Obama will be attending the funeral of Mandela.

Sir Winston Churchill was not only a trusted ally of the United States but was half American because of his mother.

When Margaret Thatcher died no one representing the White House attended her funeral, despite the fact that she was co-responsible for ending the Cold War and a strong ally of the United States.

While Mandela was an instrumental figure in keeping peace in South Africa and deserves the honor and truly belongs to the ages; it seems that BH Obama seems to consistently choose the wrong side when it comes to foreign affairs and thus continually raises skepticism. Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook rightfully stated:

NPR saying that the honor of lowering our flag is “generally reserved for those with whom the United States has a special relationship.” Obama’s “special” relationships generally have nothing to do with the welfare of the citizens of the United States. Reducing sanctions against Iran to below levels already set by the United Nations is just one example. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see at what mast our flag would fly if the Iranian Ayatollah died?

JUST IN: Wisconsin progressives have declared that in honor of Mandala, there should be no ID required to vote. To show you how progressive socialists are unaware of truth or what is going on not made public by their controlled media, read this. The Onion is clueless as well. One Wisconsin Now Website PolitiFact report, a socialist organization against anyone not on the income/wealth redistribution program they want established. Yet they back the Democratic Party that has billionaire vampire George Soros as part of their wealthy donors and the most wealthiest politicians in Congress are Democrats [majority] – Rangel getting his by not paying taxes and not declaring income and illegal income.


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