We the People Must Ensure Reformation Takes Place in 2014 Elections

In 2014, American voters will have a chance to clean up Congress … on both sides of the political aisle. The United States, We the People, need a constitutional government and the only way this can happen is to stop depending upon politicians to enact laws that regulate our lives and regulations that apply only to non-government citizens.

When President Wilson allowed the Federal Reserve to be created it was this and escalating government regulation – “big government”. Indeed, it was what was the fulcrum that launched the Great Depression of the 1930s. Wilson prepared the way for the Depression, although it was blamed on Herbert Hoover. In addition, income tax was imposed and by the time FDR became president, it became a required deduction from every citizen’s payroll and soon the growth of government required draconian corporate taxation. It developed to where taxes were removed from income and then whatever was left over was taxed again through some other means. The Federal Reserve has caused more problems than it solved and when it seemed to solve an issue, it was only a temporal illusion.

In the 1990s, mortgage companies were forced to provide loans to citizens and soon mortgage defaults were prominent, and values in securities dropped. In 1994, financial institutions were required to set fair value accounting in balancing assets and liabilities. As usual, it was deemed by the government and Federal Reserve that there were institutions that are too big to fail and thus they had government guarantees that provided an atmosphere of risky investing and other bad policies.

Today, as has been going on for too many decades now, congressional members have the policy of spewing out bills by quantity instead of quality, most often pushed through quickly without oversight and proper committee investigation of long-term or even short-term results.

The result is that the US is over-regulated and choking We the People along with progress and self-reliance. Coupled with foreign policies that continue not to work because our leadership continues to believe that the US can purchase allies through funding and military assistance. They continue policies throughout government actions with the same actions that has caused issues with the economy and other areas – without realizing that they are just repeating actions that have repeatedly failed. Those that We the People depend upon to operate our government create laws and regulations that makes more citizens dependent upon government, just a they initiate and maintain policies making the United States dependent upon resources and other substance of other nations. The debt increases, but instead of lowering the debt by reducing government bureaucracy, they instead raise taxes, find ways to create new ones, or just use the Federal Reserve to create false impressions of progress – like printing money without the gold to back it up.

One key figure in the federal government spearheaded the drive for true reform: Ron Paul; but he was ridiculed and ignored.

In 2014, it needs to be the year that Congress begins to regain its constitutional authority over the Federal Reserves and the executive branch of government and restore constitutional limits. In the process there are laws that need to be drastically reformed or repealed. Among the key pieces of legislation that should never have been passed:

  • The income tax system, 16th Amendment.
  • Phase out the Federal Reserve or completely revise it by ensuring that Congress is fully responsible for its actions and policies – starting with a complete audit.
  • Repeal the Dodd-Frank Act and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Begin systematically scrutinizing legislation and policies and either revamp or repeal those that are not working as they were intended and/or promised.

History of the United States shows that our nation rose above other nations because of the Constitution of the United States – so why are we allowing politicians and special interest entities to ignore it and work at destroying it?

Once enough Americans realize that this financial crisis and repression of the people’s property rights and other liberties is not for their benefit; the aforementioned reformation will take hold faster.

This can only happen it We the People start choosing those we expect to operate our government for us in a responsible manner, according to constitutional law, and in the foremost interest of its people who ARE the nation.

No system devised by humanity is perfect, but as Winston Churchill stated – it is the best system thus far in human history. Benjamin Franklin had the knack of seeing through humanity when he stated:

It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.

Corporations have their place in the world of big business and the prosperity and employment of a nation, but it is the small businesses that is the backbone that keeps it together and people employed. Big government breaks that backbone and corporations that become greedy and insert their special interests into the policies of our government add to the destruction. This is not to say that free enterprise is bad or that no regulations are required; but instead that regulations should be kept to a minimum to allow Americans to do what they have done best in the past – be individuals, yet unified and prosperous by their own ingenuity and hard work. Redistribution of wealth and income is NOT productive and eventually, as Margaret Thatcher once said:

The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

Democrats continually preach “bipartisanship”; however, this only occurs when they cannot progress with their agenda. Read the CAP report issued from the Obama White House. And also read what Conn Carroll stated about progressive agenda.  The Power of the President was written by John Podesta, who successfully served Obama previously and looks like he is back on board again.

Be afraid.

United States as a welfare nation is here, as attested by a second generation woman at Maggie’s Notebook.