Cruelty of “Fairness” Politics and Progressives

Maggie [Maggie’s Post] posted a sad state of affairs for long-time blogger who is the victim of Obamacare and the viciousness of progressives who claim to be more humane than opposing political opponents. Nothing new,  when Tea Party movement decides to protest it is peaceful. When the Marxist-minded progressive decides to protest it is violent and name-calling begins, an action that provokes emotion instead of reason and hides the fact they are dupes for the progressive leadership that lies to everyone …

Asking for Prayer for Jim Hoft

Hate Mail from Preachers of Peace and “Fairness”

Enuff said … prayers for Mr. Hoft and everyone in his predicament – and a big prayer for We the People to wake up and demand that the Affordable Health Care Act be repealed and begin repealing the 16th Amendment replacing it with the Fair Tax Act.

Keith Koffler has found ten benefits hidden within Obamacare – Affordable Health Care Act.