Even The Uninsured Dislike Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act, alias “Obamacare”, spearheaded by Alinsky-Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro; was supposed to help Americans to be able to afford health care insurance [and health care itself]. Insurance companies now charge more, if you can find a provider, and still only pay 80% of your hospital bill, or less depending upon what premium you could afford.

According to the New York Times, alias the Obama media outlet, in a recent poll states that even the uninsured hate Obamacare – more than the insured do.

Fifty-three percent of the uninsured disapprove of the law, the poll found, compared with 51 percent of those who have health coverage. A third of the uninsured say the law will help them personally, but about the same number think it will hurt them, with cost a leading concern.

As Keith Koffler points out at White House Dossier:

Someone’s going to have to pay for all these wondrous benefits. All the Free Gifts Obama is handing out. Even Santa’s elves have to put food on the table for their families. Obama Claus’s presents come with a price. The liberal intellectuals roaming the corridors of the West Wing actually do believe in Santa Claus. They think they can drop down the chimney and provide something for nothing, and if a bill somehow happens to come due, they can convince Beijing to cover it. … Once Obamacare is finished with the medical profession and the economy, even the uninsured will be worse off than before.


2 comments on “Even The Uninsured Dislike Obamacare

  1. T. D. Davis says:

    Except for the freedom from the golden handcuffs, if they can afford the premiums. There has to be something good about not being tied to a job you may not like because you can get affordable health insurance elsewhere. No?

  2. They way Obamacare is working [non-working], people that could afford healthcare premiums or barely afford it – will no longer be able to afford it. Some believe it was meant to fail so government could take over 1/5th of the nation’s wealth by controlling the healthcare system. Whatever be the reason or case – it is unconstitutional and not viable. The bill, along with the 16th amendment requires repealing.

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