Hidden Tax Added to Obamacare for 2014

Remember when Obama and co-socialists in Congress promised there would be no increase in taxes concerning Obamacare, and responsible/logical people wondered how it was going to be paid for? I know it is hard to keep track of all the Obama/Democrat/RINO broken promises, but this one will kick in on January 1st 2014. I hope you are keeping track of your representatives and senators who seek reelection – allowing the Affordable Health Care Act to pass in the first place and instead of budgeting spending, they raised the ceiling on spending that is already a mile high. It is expected, according to the following video to be a hidden tax raise of $100/year. This does not include their intended use of the IRS Gestapo in administering fines and other fees.

[Click to enlarge] - Source: Pinterest

[Click to enlarge] – Source: Pinterest

Just in from White House Dossier: the Obamacare website is down again!

NewsMax reported in 2012 that there would be twenty hidden taxes in the bill.

Some state governors, like Governor Walker of Wisconsin plan to sidestep Obamacare, some already doing so.

Supposedly there are plans out there [Platinum Plan] that pay 90% of hospital bills – if you can afford them. There are some policies that pay 100%, but only after you pay the deductible portion.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to take that premium amount and put it in a money market account where you can just write a check to pay medical expenses? The government screwed up the chance to have medical savings account by requiring individuals to prove they have insurance before being able to open such an account. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? A healthy person could accumulate a substantial amount for any future large medical payments and make interest on their money – unlike insurance companies who take your premium funds and then give you a hard time when it comes time to pay; and then not paying 100% of the hospital bill. Obamacare is only helpful, beneficial, for insurance companies and big government.

The same medical account a person could use solely for medical costs could also be used for dental costs, adding what an average premium would be each month to the monthly savings amount for medical.

Government, those that operate it screw things up, decade after decade, with over-regulation and intrusive laws. In the case of the insurance industry, if they must stick their noses in the private sector – let them regulate insurance companies to where consumers don’t bite the bullet. Obamacare does not require “fixing” it needs to be thrown in the garbage pile of bad ideas; and at the same time sue for the $60 million of taxpayer funding lost against whoever setup and operated the website system that failed so greatly.

Obamacare might regulate, for example, that insurance companies cannot drop insured because of present or prior illnesses – but it doesn’t say that they won’t raise your premium to where you can no longer afford insurance. Insurance companies should treat their consumers as individual accounts, not part of the collective – like socialism does in government. That way your high-cost premium is not paying for another consumer’s plan.

Why should a single person, who is not married pay premiums the same as those that are married and have or will have children and the expense of maternity?

Why should a male pay the same premium as a female who would possibly require maternity care and costly female organ medical problems?

The same applies to other insurance venues, like auto insurances. States require that ALL citizens must have auto insurance, yet part of your premium is with “uninsured motorist” coverage.

There is so much to do to get our government back on the path of constitutionality and the common sense that Thomas Paine wrote about.

But it can only happen if citizens from all walks of life and every ethnic group to unite and make a stand for the return of the constitutional republic by “We the People”.

Please remember what your representatives and senators have done and not done – make your vote count in 2014 and clean out Congress. We the People must also ensure integrity and fight voting fraud from this day forward. Anyone or any organization that fights this attempt to protect from voting fraud have ulterior motives, you can take that to the bank.